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Yaroslavl region

Cultural tourism in Russia >Yaroslavl region

Yaroslavl region


The Administration provides the projects of incomplete construction for any kind of industry. To create favourable investment climate the Administration of the TMD, unlike other municipal organizations, ensures no-charge connection to electric power supplies and other resources.

The Administration is in charge of rendering assistance to the investors in obtaining all the necessary information concerning registration and authorization proceedings:

  • Personal assistance in preparation of investment project documentation;
  • Support in finding building sites; consulting services on current legislation and economic situation in the district

Favourable business climate, developed industry, advantageous location and picturesque landscape make our town an attractive area for investments in trade, industrial production and storage facilities.

There are many opportunities for successful business activity in our Yaroslavl region.

"Uniastrum Bank"

It provides auto loans, and home buyer mortgage loans. Cash operations, credit facilities (overdrafts), "Bank-client" system, deposits and bills of exchange

Yaroslavl, Lenina Avenue, 61a

Limited liability Company "Bonnici & ?"

In 1994 an Italian businessman Giuseppe Bonnici visited our town. He revived the production of cheese in the ancient Romanov land. Old traditions of Italian cheese-makers were successfully applied in the Russian province.

Hard cheese "Romanov", pasteurized and cheddarized cheese "Suvenirny", classical butter and sour cream have become popular in many cities of Russia. Romanov cheeses have been highly awarded at All-Russian Dairy Products competitions.

The company pays much attention to the expansion of the source of raw materials and stable work of agricultural enterprises on the left bank.

Close Joint-Stock Company "Edinstvo"

Meat products of the Tutaev meat-packing factory are highly appreciated by the customers of Yaroslavl, Tutaev, Rybinsk, Ivanovo, and Moscow. The company has opened a new specialized shop producing elite sorts of meat foods.

At present, the activity of the company is directed at production of new elite sorts of meat products. For this purpose, a new production line has been opened. It has been equipped with Austrian facilities of the firm "Laska". It produces high quality meat foods under "Myasoslavskie kolbasy" brand.

The assortment of the "Myasoslavskie" sausages exceeds 30 items: boiled sausage, small sausages, saveloy, polony, smoked sausage, meat rolls, ham, pork foods, and many others. Children are sure to like delicious milk sausages.

"Myasoslavskie sausages" is the product for those who prefer high quality and the real taste of meat.

Tutaev, Yaroslavskaya region, Stroitelei Street, 14.

Sewing factory "Volzhanka"

The factory has already been active in the market for 16 years. It produces work clothes and military uniform, clothes for sailors and servicemen. Our customers are the enterprises and holding companies of Yakutia, Komi Republic and other regions. In Yaroslavl our constant buyers are JSC "Yarenergo", "Mostootryad ?6", JSC "Holodmash", Social Protection Department of the Yaroslavl Administration, and the tobacco factory.
"Volzhanka" is a dynamically developing factory, constantly improving its technologies, expanding the market, and modernizing the equipment.
Sewing factory "Volzhanka" Ltd. 152300, Tutaev, Yaroslavl region, Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, 63a.

"Yaroslavskaya Sheepskin and Fur Factory"

The Sheepskin and Fur Factory produces competitive fur-coats and garments made of sheepskin. Established by Tikhomirovs brothers in 1898, it is located on the bank of the Volga river. It became an independent factory in 1904. The first goods were made of local raw material- Romanov sheepskin. Now it is a Joint-Stock company and called "Yaroslavskaya Sheepskin and Fur Factory".

Open JSC "Yaroslavskaya Sheepskin and Fur Factory".

152322, Yaroslavl region, Tutaev district, Miklyaikha village

Open Joint-Stock Company "Flax-mill" Tulma'

In the 60's of XVII century the German E.E. Klassen established a small flax-mill on the right bank of the Volga river. In 1864 it produced its first goods.

    Sport in Yaroslavl region

Tutaev is an acknowledged sports centre. The district pays much attention to the sport development. New hockey courts were built with the help of the businessmen in Fominskoe village, Konstantinovsky village, and on the left-bank part of the town.

The Administration of the district is planning to build two sports grounds and reconstruct the swimming pool "Dolphin", one of the best in the Yaroslavl region. Local, regional and All-Russian competitions are held there (the traditional prize is V.V.Tereshkova award).

A women's volleyball team of Major League "B" is training in the Sports Complex "Start". They take part in the Russian Championship.
A youth women's volleyball team is a finalist of the Russian Championship. The trainer of the team is V.M.Bonsov.

Carnival runs and the sports competition ^Tnowflake of the Volga river" became traditional in our district. They have been held for 11 years by the club "Romanov dawns".

A present to the club "Cosmos" Yuri Malenchenko from STS-106 crew and Ekaterina Dmitrieva

    Restaurants and other

Wedding ceremony of cosmonauts

Restaurant "Cosmos" (Tutaev, Yaroslavl region, Donskaya Street, 20.

The wedding ceremony of the "cosmic" couple, Yuri Malenchenko and Ekaterina Dmitrieva, who had contracted their marriage in 2003 when Yuri was in space, took place at the church of the Resurrection of Christ on the 7th of August in 2004. They celebrated this event in the club "Cosmos".
Club "Time-out" (Komsomolskaya str, 93a). Russian billiards.

Limited liability Company "Myasnoi Dvor"

(50-letiya Pobedi av., 20a).

The restaurant with traditional meat cuisine. The shop offers a wide assortment of refrigerated meat and meat convenience products from local producers.

    Rest in Yaroslavl region

Hotel Lesnoe

This wonderful rest home is located , not far from Yaroslavl. Fabulous beauty of nature, clean and fresh air, warm atmosphere and hospitality will charm everyone who visits this place.

Comfortable five-storied buildings are situated 50 meters from the Volga river. The recreation centre offers single, double, and triple rooms with all conveniences and amenities (economy class, standard, luxury and deluxe). Every room has a covered loggia affording a spectacular view of the Volga river and forest. For those who prefer solitude:

  • Cottages (for 4 persons) with all facilities;
  • Comfortable house (for 9 persons)

The rest home can accommodate up to 500 people. Different services with flexible discount system are at tourists' disposal.
The rest home "Lesnoe" is experienced in holding conferences, seminars, business meetings, corporate parties, and celebrations.

Club Carousel

Recreation Centre "Krasny Oktyabr". 70-80 rooms:

  • Two-storied building
  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Triple rooms

    There is a club, dance-floor, and cinema hall for 100 persons.

    June-August- children's season.

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