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Krasnoyarsk region
Tourism in Russia > Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk Region is a unique Siberian region that occupies the tenth of Russias territory. It extends almost for three thousands kilometers from the south to the north, alongside the most affluent Russian river - the Enisei; from the Sayan Mountains to the Arctic Ocean. There is a callow valley alongside the Eniseis left bank, and the Central Siberian Plateau, which height is up to 500-700 m above sea level, alongside the Eniseis right bank. On the north the Region is bounded by the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea.

Several climatic zones are situated at the Regions territory, and a great diversity of landscapes is presented here. Krasnoyarsk Region territory may be called the big museum of nature. Taiga and tundra, steppe and arctic desert can be found here. Not only climatic zones verge here, but civilizations as well.

Krasnoyarsk Region is full of different symbols and legends, traditions and customs. It is a region of the great Enisei and Sayans snow-covered crests, Tunguska meteorite and Stolbys rock silhouettes. There are dozens of the specially protected areas with a great diversity of flora and fauna. Our regions biological resources exceed the resources of any Russias territory. More than 550 species of plants vegetate in Krasnoyarsk Region, and the animal kingdom numbers 342 species of birds and 89 species of mammals; there are about 400 thousands of rivers and almost 300 thousands of lakes. More than 45% of the whole territory is covered by taiga and deciduous forests.

The ancient city of Krasnoyarsk region established by Cossacks in 1619 as the first Russian fort on the Yeniseysk served the Siberia settlers as the passage way: Dejnev, Poyarkov, Khabarov. In the 17th century the city became Siberian icon painting center then it grew the major commercial and transport center homing exhibitions'fairs well'known in Russia. Called Siberian "Eldora do" after the lucrative gold deposits discovery. There are know more than one hundred monuments of history and architecture. Here you'll see Christmas monastery. Combination of 19th centery's electivity, ancient private houses in Siberian baroque style represent distinguishing feature of Yeniseysk.

Krasnoyarsk is the city of theaters. Our theaters Ml are world being proud of ..Let's start with the I Opera and Ballet House. The names of the best baritone in the world Dmitriy Khvorostovsky and the outstanding ballerina Natalia Chekhovskaya are well know to the theater lovers of many countries. The Pushkin's Drama Theater and we can continue the list with the following establishments and art groups: the Theater of Young Spectators, the Musical Comedy Theater, The Concert Hall, the Symphony Orchestra, the Siberian Dance named after Michael Godenko and many others. All of them are well-know abroad.

The most famous Krasnoyarsk citizen is a world -known painter Vasiliy Surikov. Two museum in Krasnoyarsk are connected with his name. There are the Arts Museum where you can see his distinguished works and the Surikov's Estate -Museum. Krasnoyarsk is our native city. It's more than 380 years old. But it doesn 't grow older every day it's getting younger and younger. And due to this fact we are proud and happy to show quests round the city.

Siberia is rich in peculiar, places of interest which could bey, found now here but only here. There is the powerful and ^ magnificent Yenisei River, Small but fast mountain streams, 3 unique stone sculptures of the reservation' Stolby , the endless taiga, deep caves and high rocky mountains. And the most essential thing is that we. Krasnoyarsk people, love our dear "Motherland so deeply and we are ready to show the unique Siberian nature and national traditions of Siberian people to foreigners; and we are eager to do it with our special Siberian hospitality.

The Orthodox temples are the real decoration of Krasnoyarsk. But you u|'ll seewhat a great number of new churches have been lately built or reconstructed.

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