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Tourism in Russia > Tver region

Tver region

Following the strict logic, our voyage along the Volga should be started not in Tver aboard of the ship but in a small village Voigoverkhovie. Everything here has a humble appearance: a stone with an inscription and a small chapel. A stream which is easy to overstep springs out from the ground. Exactly this stream is destined to become a mighty river and to run a way with the length of several thousand kilometers.

Here the wood bridge only a few meters wide is built, the first one across the Volga. And now imagine what huge steely and concrete bridges we will see afterwards. Among them there is the longest one in Europe with more than two kilometers of length.

The Tver region is a cradleland of the great Russian river. Its impossible to express those feelings you are overtaken by on seeing the local landscapes. The rivers turn silver under the sun, the mirrorlike surfaces of the lakes are embordered with the forests and pine-woods, the pinetrees vibrate and the silent clouds float. The vast, peace and freedom all this you will feel, youll penetrate the charm of the remarkable land where the Volga takes its rise.

The lake Seliger and the Valdai group of lakes are considered to be a genuine natural pearl of Verkhnevolzhie (Upper Volga region).

The Valdai lake is one of ten purest lakes of Russia; its surrounded with dense, almost untouched forests. Most lakes are connected to each other with channels and rivers (there are more than 1500 of them). Here the Western Dvina (Daugava) takes its rise.

The places for fishing here are excellent. More than 30 species of fish affect the local waters.

The Tver land attracts tourists not only by its nature. There are more than seven thousand of historical and cultural sightseeings here. Small towns keep the memory about oldtime.

You will see the variety of architectural monuments in Torzhok.

Among them there are Boris-andGleb Monastery and the Monastery of Resurrection, Staro-Voznesenskaya Church, which is a genuine masterpiece of timber architecture.

The town is famous for its Museum of Goldwork Embroidery and the unique Ethnographic Museum in the open air in Vasilievo village where

folk festival and celebrations often take place.

You may visit Vyshny-Volochok, the town of rivers and channels.

Among the picturesque hills and ageold forests, on the bank of the Valdai lake the Valdai city is situated. Admire a fascinating view of the suburbs from the bell-tower of the Cathedral of Resurrection in Kashin. In ancient town Staritsa it is worth visiting mysterious caves. Next to Andreapol there is a lake Brosno, one of the deepest lakes in the north-west of Russia.

Tver is a center of the region, its the old city. Its architectural appearance is a sampler of strict and elegant classicism. Its possible to go to the Museum of Tvers way of life, to the exhibition of Russian samovars (teaurns), and the Picture Gallery of Tver exhibits the original works of Russian painters.

In the suburbs of the city there are numerous magnificent noble manor houses. After all, thanks to the beauty of these places the most distinguished and richest families of Russia wished to become owners of the manors in the Tver province.

The cathedrals and monasteries of Tver province are famous all over Russia. One of them is national Russian shrine, its the Nilov Poustyn (Nilov Solitude) Monastery. As if being a fabulous town, it raises on the island in the middle of the huge Seliger. Indeed, this is a genuine town with various constructions, surrounded with a tall stone wall with towers. Along-shore near the monastery walls, a shadowy park lays out.

Lest you forget the places where our trip has begun, take a remembrance with you: housewares or wood-carved colorfully painted toy, a cheerily jingling Valdai bell. And the local mistresses of needlework were always considered to be the skillful embroideresses and lacemakers. Their works are not only souvenirs, those are genius masterpieces!

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