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Goryatchiy Klyutch

Goryatchiy Klyutch

The stress, weariness, continuous noise of big cities, broken health - and you get just one wish - to have silence, rest, clean air and a little bit of attention to your health. Where can one find this wealth in our mad times? Perhaps, on a health resort only. On a real Health Resort, where the nature itself heals and returns to a natural condition of balance and harmony.

In the Western foothills of the Caucasus, in the silence of green woods of the picturesque Psekupskaya Valley lies the health resort of Goryatchiy Klyutch, which has been healing the people with its warm mineral waters for almost a century and a half.

Advantageous locus and a well-developed transport logistics make it accessible for the inhabitants of any place of our unbounded country.

In contrast, to the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, in here - within just 60 km -there is the Black Sea coast, and in contrast to many modern SPA-resorts, in Goryatchiy Klyutch there are therapeutic mineral waters of the world class. In here, they offer an all-inclusive service, combining the treatment, active tourism, and rest at the seacoast.

The mineral waters of Psekups belong to the most valuable ones in the most countries of the world. The waters similar to them by the structure are only available in Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden, and in Russia - in the city of Sochi (Matsesta) and in the Stavropol Region (Yessentuky). But a specific uniqueness of Goryatchiy Klyutch lies in a magnificent combination of different by its chemical structure natural waters for consumption and external use. The sulfide (hydrosulphuric) springs for external use are applied for treatment of locomotorium, heart diseases, gynecological, skin diseases; the potable waters, cure the chronic gastritis, diseases of gallbladder, pancreatitis and others.

In the springs of Psekups the hydrogen sulfide is in a connected with alkali state - it does not cause a reaction of skin reddening when used externally (that is «normal» in other places), and when consumed - it does not strengthen the pain syndrome while drinking the mineral water to do with the residual signs of aggravation of the gastrointestinal tract diseases.

It important to emphasize yet another medicinal feature of these places such as unique environmental cleanness of the area. There are no «serious» industries within tens of kilometers around, and the woodlands of the area cover over 70% of the territory.

Goryatchiy Klyutch is an ideal place for treatment with climate practically all year round. The climate here is a moderate continental one, with a warm summer and mild winter. The local air is so rich with ions owing to nearness to the sea and mountain airflows, moving along ravines, that it is quite suitable for making the sessions of air ion therapy.

Nowadays the spa of Goryatchiy Klyutch, using the availability of the thermal Psekups', warm hydrosulfide, low sulfide, salt-alkali, chloride-hydro- carbonate-sodium waters, is a spa of gastrointestinal specialization. A unique experience in was gained in rehabilitation of patients, who underwent an acute myocardial infarction, gastrointestinal surgeries, and a highly efficient treatment of the aftereffects of burn and military traumas is provided.

Sanatoriy Goriatchiy Klyutch

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