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The ancient city of Pskov a remarkable place of history. It had been Russia's western border defense outpost for many centuries, it was also a prominent cultural center of Old Russia: Pskov Is the site of Russia's first Christian church; Russian language writing, icon painting, and stone architecture developed and flourished here. The city takes great pride in it’s surviving old Kremlin and many beautiful churches.

Pskov was a city - state and an unassailable fortress at the same time. The earliest mention of this glorious city comes more than 1100 years ago. It used to be the north-western outpost of Russia and the subject of numerous Pskov fortress is considered to be the best in Russia of the 16th century. The Kremlin of Pskov was ringed in with several stone walls and 37 towers.

The most remarkable sights of Pskov are located on territory of the Kremlin - the Square of Veche and Trinity Cathedral. Trinity Cathedral is the main sanctuary of Pskov. It owns an admirable 7-tiers iconostasis attacks throughout the history. Many peculiar features of Russian architecture were first introduced in Pskov. They impress everyone with force and power. and a sacred sword of Dov- mont. The sword used to be entrusted to the prince of Pskov.

Dovmont was respected to be the holy protector of the city. The religious symbol of Pskov called «The city of Dovmont», includes 18 churches.

Local museum «Pogankiny Palaty» is well-known for its great collection of the masterpieces by the artists of Pskov art school. The collection was shown in most of European countries and the main Russian museums.

The most ancient temple of the Mirozhskiy Monastery - the Saviour Transfiguration Cathe-dral - is decorated with priceless frescos and icons. This monastery is known as a medieval cultural centre.

There were: a big library rich in perfect books of Pskov icon painters.

Being situated outside the fortifications the monastery won big number of battles.

The most beautiful place of ancient Pskov is called Gremyachaya Gora (Thunder Mountain). A tower famous for its unexplored underground, is erected on the top. It is mentioned in many legends.

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