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Pskov Region
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Pskov region


Pskov and Novgorod regions are the oldest Russian territories. Their history goes back to the 9th-10th centuries. The chronicle says that «Russian land has come» from Novgorod, where Varangian princes Riurikovichi, the forefathers of the first Russan tsarist surname, were invited to. Pskov and Novgorod lands have been the arena of historical battles with the Germans, Livonians, Poles, and Swedes many times.

Forests occupy the third part of Pskov Region territory and a half of Novgorod Region territory, the rest of the territory is covered by meadows and marshes.

Industrial and cultural centers of Pskov region are Pskov and Velikie Luki, and of Novgorod Region are Staraya Russa, Borovichi, Chudovo. Velikie Luki were mentioned in the chronicles of 1166. Lather the town was rebuilt into a town- fortress. Unfortunately the town was practically destroyed during World War II.

Pskovo-Pechersky monastery with the cave church about 200 m long has remained in Pechory. A. Pushkin's Reserve.

Heroic history of Pskov is made of the chronicles of Russian northwest frontier posts. Many attacks of the hostile neighbours of Russia were repulsed by cityfortresses such as Gdov, Old Izborsk, Porkhov, Ostrov and the others. The fortress in Izborsk is the first and most amazing monument of Russian defensive architecture. Being placed on the mountain called Zheraviya (Crane's mountain) it looks like a part of the landscape. Its strong 4meter thick monumental walls «growing» out of the mountain impress everyone. One of the fortress towers called Lukovka (Onion) was a donjon the last shelter in case of capturing the fortress by enemies. Now it is used for sightseeing.

Observation from the top of the tower provides a wonderful panoramic view of the valley and the Lake Gorodnitcheskoye.

Near to the fortress entrance is situated St. Nicolas Cathedral of the 14th century with the bell tower. In the eastern wall of the fortress, behind the Cathedral, remained the hidingplace. It is an inclined staged gallery leading to the deep well. Izborsk citizens took water there during a siege.

Very special amazing place socalled Slovenskiye Kluchi (Slavonian Springs) is situated on the high lake shore not far from Izborsk. There are 12 springs and each of them has its own name. For example, one is called «Maiden tears». Spring water is icecold always even in hot summer. Healing power of the local water is mentioned in many legends from the ancient time. According to those legends even one drink of that water fills the person with energy.

Pskov landscapes impress everyone as well as its century-old monuments. This place is called «the land of thousand ments - the first written documents of early Middle Ages - were found here.

Pskovo-Petchorskiy Monastery
Olga's peasant homestead
Estate Hotel Altun
Arina hotel
Village guest house
Izborsk hotel
Farmstead Sova
Pushkin Hills
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