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Sights of Pskov region

"Kobylye Gorodishe" - the place where the famous Ice Battle took place in 1242,Gdovsky district

"Kobylye Gorodishe" is situated to the south from Gdov, not far from the place where the famous Ice Battle of 1242 took place. A monument to Alexander Nevsky was founded in order to commemorate the 750 anniversary of the Battle on the Ice.

The Chain Bridges over the Velikaya River, 1853

The bridges were ordered by Nicholas I who personally present at the grand bridge opening in 1853.This is the earliest Russian monument of engineer art of such a construction.

The State "Polistovskiy" Nature Preserve,Bezhanitsky district

The reserve occupies the biggest in Europe Polistovo-Lovatskaya marsh system which is more than 10 thousand years old. The populations of rare species of animals and plants.some ofthem endangered, inhabit the reserve's territory.

The ostrich farm, Pushkjnogorsfcy district

The pheasants, hens and ostriches of different species are bred at this farm. Besides birds, rabbits, roes, raccoons and raccoon dogs, a fox, a wolf and a bear found their home in this hospitable farm.

The bird yard, Pogorelki village, Pskov district

The bird yard is situated in Pogorelka village behind Vauliny Hills.The ostriches, hens, ducks, peacocks, swans, storks, gobblers and owls are bred here. Rabbits, squirrels and other animals are on display for the bird yardguests.

Sebezh National Park

650 rare species of plants, most of them endangered, and 2000 species of birds can be easily found at the park's territory.

The Ancient settlement Kamno.Healing springs, Pskov district

The ancient settlement Kamno is situated at the source of the Kamenka River. The church of St. George the Winner dated by the XV century stands here. The chapel-tomb of St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker is situated to its right. The neighborhood round the churchyard is rich in healing springs.

Vibuty Churchyard - the birthplace of Saint equal to the apostles Princess Olga The churchyard is situated in 12 km from Pskov. The church of llya the Prophet which is dated by the XV century takes the left bank of the river. The remnants of a big stone with a foot mark which people cairoiga's stone" are situated in a km from the church.