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Village guest house

The guest house of the homestead can accommodate up to 11 tourists. During the interactive excursion «The life is a towel» and «Find your own mitten» you will get acquainted with the culture of the slavs and the krivichs who lived on the territory of the Pskov.

The homestead features a Russian banya with well water and health-improving steam. The dining room entirely dressed by the hosts. There you can see hand made pieces, such as weaved girdles, amulet beads, straw and fabric dolls, knitted mittens and towels and try on the original hemp dresses and shirts. The hostess, Olga Ivanovna, offers various dishes, cooked by the old Russian receipts in the Russian stove.

The guests of the farmstead can try mowing, grass cutting, chopping the firewood, stoking the stove, working on the apiary. Being the approved folk craftswoman, Olga Ivanovna will teach you weaving, folk cross-stitching, knitting, making dolls etc.