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Kanin Peninsula Reindeer Herders Winter Camp

Cultural tourism in Russia > urs to Russia > Kanin Peninsula Reindeer Herders Winter Camp

Kanin Peninsula Reindeer Herders Winter Camp

During this journey you will get acquainted with the everyday life of the indigenous population of Northern European Russia in the winter period and visit the ancient settlements, with traditional herding culture of the Nenets people and the peculiarities of modern life and living conditions of the Reindeer Herders.

Duration: 5 days/4 nights; maximum 8

Accommodation: 4 nights in an old rustic wooden house in Kariepolye in all-inclusive home accommodation with basic facilities; optional one night stay in reindeer herders camp.

Required: General good health as travel on snowmobiles and reindeer sledges are moderately challenging. Good winter attire essential.

Included: English speaking guide

Day 1.

Arkhangelsk - Sovpolje. The journey will start at 8 a.m. from the Dvina Hotel on a minibus through scattered villages with wooden houses in between forests approximately 300 km north of Arkhangelsk all the way to small settlement of Sovpolye. The journey will takes about 6-7 hours with several small stops.

First stop will be in the small settlement Belogorye, where you can rest and drink some coffee in the small cafe.

Pinega an ancient Russian settlement. Short stop for rest and sightseeing.

Sovpolie. The final stop on the minibus journey. Dinner.

From this small settlement Sovpolie the journey continues with snowmobiles towards a tiny village of Kariepolye. A track through snowy taiga forests (about 50 km) leads you to the world of yesterday with a unique opportunity to stay overnight in a village of old wooden houses from the 19th century where horse-drawn sledges and snowmobiles are the only modes of transportation. Experience the Russian banja after days travel in winter conditions. After the banja you have an opportunity to enjoy local hospitality and basic but delicious homemade food including local delicacies like cloudberry or arctic bramble jams.

Day 2.

Kariepolye - Nenets reindeer herders winter camp. A day trip offers you a glimpse of authentic ways of everyday living of the nomad Nenets herders who reside in the region over winter months before migrating back to tundra with their herd to their summer pastures by the Barents Sea. Though at first side you may imagine that you have entered the world of the yesteryear the signs of modernity show you a living culture adapting to todays demands. After visiting the herders camp you have a chance to experience a ride on a sledge pulled by three reindeer. This journey takes you to a larger reindeer herd and you have an opportunity to observe reindeer herders and their dogs in action as they perform their everyday tasks. Optionally, you can stay overnight in the reindeer herders camp.

Day 3.

Kariepolye reindeer herd. You travel back to the reindeer herd and spend there all day long. You can observe the traditional way of reindeer; you will recognize how to hold reindeer herd and meet reindeer herders. You will have a chance to ride on a sledge and wear traditional Nenets clothes.

Day 4.

Kariepolye Mezen. During your trip on the snowmobiles to Mezen (about 50 km) you will cross the Mezen River and observe tourist advantages of Mezen District. After excursion of Mezen settlement you will travel back to Kariepolye settlement for rest, dinner and Russian banja.

Day 5 (snowmobiles, minibus)

Kariepolye Sovpolye Arkhangelsk. Departure to Arkhangelsk


  • Weather: In February March we have long winter day, usually in the afternoon sun shining and at the night frosts occur. You have to be ready for the winter weather, it can be 30 35 degrees below 0 and snowstorms.
  • Transport: minibus, snowmobiles, Nenets reindeer sledges.
  • Accomodation: Accomodation in old peasants house and reindeer tent (if you wish, but max. 2 persons per night). Russian banja.
  • Nourishment: during all journey you will test traditional Nenets (reindeer meet and fish) and Russian (homemade backing, milk, brew) cuisine. You also can try traditional Russian alcohol drinks (in Nenets camp all alcohol is forbidden).
  • Interpreter: Guides and interpreter services are included.
  • Safety and communication: During the trip you will be provided with the Satellite phone, but mobile phone will be out of service. You should follow the safety rules and instructions during ride on the snowmobiles and reindeer sledges, especially during group transportation. You should inform can you or not to ride the snowmobile and do you have driving license.
  • Facilities and services: you should be ready for the hiking conditions, lack of toilets in reindeer camp. Also you should be ready to live in old fashion wooden house without urban amenities.
  • Medical care and insurance: you should draw the medical insurance beforehand and inform you guide about possible medical problems, food allergies and physical limits.
  • Clothes: You will need warm clothes and items of personal care. If you would like to wear traditional Nenets clothes you should inform us about your wishes and sizes before your trip.
  • Costs. The price includes transportation from and to Arkhangelsk, accommodation in Koriepolye and nourishment during the all trip. Tourist visa, accommodation in Arkhangelsk and other expenses and tours in Arkhangelsk are not included.

Extra charge:

  • Traditional souvenirs,
  • Visits to museums and places of interest,
  • Additional wishes can be discussed

For additional fee you can extend your visit with an extra day in the Pomor capital Arkhangelsk. A guided tour in English is a recommended option to become acquainted with this historically important northern city or you can just go shopping and wander around in the streets of Arkhangelsk, also you can visit museum of wooden architecture Malye Korely.

Tour price:

Group Per person Per Group
3 550,00 3 550,00
2 350,00 4 700,00
2 060,00 6 180,00
1 800,00 7 200,00
1 600,00 8 000,00
1 450,00 8 700,00
1 300,00 9 100,00
8 1 200,00 9 600,00