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Veliky Ustyug
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Veliky Ustyug

Cultural tourism in Russia > Vologda region > Veliky Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug

The city of Veliky Ustyug IS the Vologda region is considered the home of Grandfather Frost, the Russian Santa Claus. Grandfather Frost's country house is a wooden palace located in a wooded area near the city. However, because Grandpa Frost receives about 300,000 letters from his little fans every year, a special Grandfather Frost Postal Service Is set up at Mr, Frost's city residence in Veliky Ustuq.=

Welcome to Veliky Ustyug homeland of Ded Moroz!

Day 1

Arrival. When you see winter landscapes of Veliky Ustyug you will understand at once that you are in a fairy tale, because winter here is surprisingly beautiful.

Accommodation in a hotel.


Programme in Ded Moroz`s Votchina (wooden palace of Ded Moroz on the bank of Sukhona river) A fairy-tale palace with log walls, plank carved porch, white stairs and lacy window frames stands in pine forest. It stands in splendor flashing its colorful lights. Here the wizard lives for the whole year.

You will travel along a wonderful fairy-tale path and will meet well-known fairy characters; you will have an excursion in the wooden palace of Ded Moroz and will see him. You will visit Ded Moroz`s zoo and his Winter garden. There is a big variety of recreational activities.

Get - together (a past-time on winter evenings) - folk rites, entertainments with folk games, folk dances


Day 2


Excursion in Veliky Ustyug (Assumption cathedral, Bell tower of the Assumption cathedral, cathedral of Trinity- Gleden monastery, cathedral of Archangel Michael (iconostasis of the VIII century, wall painting of the XVII-XVIII centuries), St. Nikolas church, church of Zhen-Mironosets, cathedral of Saint Prokopiy the Righteous (acting church), Ascension church (iconostasis of the XVIII century, wall painting of XVIII - XIX centuries, ancient mansions on the bank of Sukhona river, Usov`s house).

Ded Moroz city residence (a throne-room, a workshop and a souvenir shop). A magnificent Ded Moroz throne unique in its originality and magic force occupies the most important place of the city residence. In the workshop you can watch the work of the craftsmen and you will be surprised by their hand-made souvenirs. In Ded Moroz souvenir shop you can buy fancyworks of Ustyug and Vologda craftsman in memory of Ded Moroz Homeland.

Ded Moroz Post-Office. It is the place where letters from adults and children from all over the world are sent and where Ded Moroz and his assistants write answers.


Exhibition «New Years toys» (you will get acquainted with traditions of different countries of seeing New Year in and will see a unique collection of Christmas and New Year toys and gift-cards)

Folk master class (Experienced craftsmen will help you to create a wonderful souvenir in Memory of Ded Moroz Homeland)

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