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Cyrill Belozersky Monastery
Frescoes of Ferapontov Monastery
Cyrill Belozersky Monastery

Vologda region > Cyrill Belozersky Monastery

Cyrill Belozersky Monastery

The beautiful towers walls, and churches of 5t Cyrill Belozersky Monastery soar Into the air on the banks of the Siversky Lake in Vologda region. This monastery, built at the end of the 14th century, was once a prominent religious center, much favored by Russia's rulers. In 1924 (he monastery became a museum, a site well Known forks 15th - 17th century architectural marvels, among them the Cathedral of the Assumption and the fortifications of the Old City and the New City, The museum's collection includes a great number of Icons, folk crafts, and antique boob.

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