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State Wildlife Reserve Bylina

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > State Wildlife Reserve Bylina

State Wildlife Reserve Bylina

An over 47,000-hectare wildlife reserve is located in the north-west of the region, in the Podosinovets area.

Wood-grouse lekking grounds number over 30 singing cocks simultaneously. Broods of the white grouse that nearly disappeared from the territory of the region about 40 years ago please the eyes. Mass nested populations of the common crane are a real adornment. Geese, large in number, find refuge in the bogs, some of them stay for nesting here. Cranberries, red bilberries, cloudberries, and bog bilberries are found in the marshland.

The individual character of this land and its peculiar beauty attract tourists, local historians, nature scientists and nature enthusiasts: contemplating forestlands extending right up to the White Sea, north light flashes, fishing for the grayling, paddling, nights at a camp-fire, and gentle murmur of brooks interflowing with the howl of the bear and the roar of the elk.

The Bylina River is flowing slowly over deep pools with weighty pikes and humpback perches, over backwaters where the beaver settles down and sandbanks where ducks are found, cutting up the territory of the nature reserve from north to south.

Address of the wildlife reserve:

149, Sovetskaya Street, settlement of Podosinovets, the Podosinovets area, the Kirov region, 613930
Tel +7.83351.1.19.17