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Folk Arts of the Land of Vyatka

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Folk Arts of the Land of Vyatka

Folk Arts of the Land of Vyatka

There are to date over 10 folk arts in the Kirov region.

Universally known Dymkovo Toys made of clay are a peculiar symbol of the Vyatka region. This folk art has an over 400-year history. Dymkovo Toys are a handicraft. Each toy is an individual piece of work of one craftsman. Traditionally, the Dymkovo Toys are made by women. The creation of a toy from modeling to painting never repeats itself. There are no and there cannot be two identical toys. Each toy is a unique piece of work. Pennywhistles, landladies and ladys men, turkey cocks and deer are classical topics of this folk art. There are also multi-character compositions on historical and fairy-tale subjects.

Vyatka is known as a center of lace-making not only in Russia, but also abroad: lace panels, collars, and capes may be found in many museums all over the world. The town of Sovetsk located 140 km from Kirov (a former village of Kukarka) is the center of lace-making industry.

Vyatka is also known for articles made of woodknobs (nodule). Nodule is kind for processing, it does not cast, crack, swell or shrink. Vyatka craftsmen manufactured clocks, samovars, and tea-things out of nodule. All pieces of work were exceptional. Nodule boxes, snuff-boxes, cigar-cases, pipes, and sugar bowls were very popular.

Skein braiding craftsmen have been famous since the old times. Skein is flexible branches of willow and bird cherry trees growing in abundance in the Vyatka region. Modern craftsmen manufacture furniture out of this material rocking chairs, tables, sofas, chairs, screens, baby carriages, as well as other articles like bowls, breadboxes, flowerpots, and lamp-shades about 50 items in all.

Vyatka ceramic products are characterized by a modern design and top quality.

Goods made out of straw boxes, small chests, and decorative panels keep a natural goldish color and warmth of this material for long. As a finishing material, straw is widely used in inlaying wooden chests and boxes. Vyaka Matryoshka inlaid with straw is exceptionally beautiful and unique.

Goods manufactured of juniper keep the smell of needles for many years, amazing by a wide variety of wood grain and natural colors.

Manufactures of folk arts are exhibited in The Vyatka Folks Arts Museum in Kirov, in some other museums of the region, as well as in art shops. As a souvenir, theyll remind of a hospitable Vyatka land for long.

Folk craftsmen share their skills lavishly. Any guest who comes to their workshops can take part in the manufacture of a handmade wonder. Both grown-ups and children attend master classes in folk arts workshops willingly.