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Silver ring of Russia

Tourism in Russia > Tour "Silver ring of Russia"

Silver ring of Russia

Day 1 - Saturday

Departure from Moscow. Arrive in Kalyazin. The tourists are met by a folklore group treating them with "bread and salt". A city tour of the town during which you will see a belfry surrounded with water and an ensemble of the Introduction and the Assumption Churches.
Visit the museum "Kalyasinskaya Matreshka". Dinner accompanied with the program "The family tree of a wooden spoon".
Transfer to Kashin, it is the town of the "Russian Heart". A city tour of the historical centre of the town. A panoramic view from the belfry of the Resurrection Cathedral (the height of the belfry is 72 m.) which is the biggest one in the Tver Eparchy. From this belfry you will see the unique geographical situation of the town, that is on a heart-lake peninsula. Visit the Museum of the merchant mode of life. Visit the Assumption Cathedral where the relics of St. Anna Kashinskaya, patron saint of the town, are kept.
Transfer to Tver. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner.

Day 2 - Sunday Breakfast.

A city tour of Tver. You will see the Assumption Cathedral of the Otroch Monastery, the embankment and the monument to Affanasy Nikitin, a merchant and a traveler of the 15th century, the first European who visited India by land and Emperor Travel Palace. You will get acquainted with the unique three-rayed system of the city building which resembles the architectural planning of St. Petersburg, Versaille and Rome, with the monuments to I. A. Krylov, A.S. Pushkin.
Transfer to Torzhok. A city tour of the town and visiting the Boris-and-Gleb Monastery.
Getting acquainted the only gold embroidery craft in Russia. Visit the Museum and the shop "Gold Embroidery".
Transfer to Ostashkov. A city tour of the town.
Check-in at the hotel. Dinner.

Day 3 - Monday.

You will visit the active monastery Nilova Pustin. Excursion to the source of the Great Russian River Volga. Transfer to Staraya Russa. A city tour of the town.
Transfer to Veliky Novgorod. Dinner. Check-in at the hotel.

Day 4 - Tuesday

A city tour of Veliky Novgorod. You will get acquainted with the city history from the days of its origin u] to the present day. You will visit the Kremlin, the nine towers exposition of the ancient fortress, St. Sophia' Cathedral, one of the most ancient stone cathedrals of the Russian State, the symbol of Orthodox Russia. Yoi will see the splendid monument, known as the Millennium of Russia, stands on the citadel grounds. Lunch Transfer to St. Petersburg.

Day 5 - Wednesday

Breakfast. Excursion to the town of the fountains to Petergoph. You will visit the Lower Park, one of th Small Palaces. Dinner. Free time.

Day 6 - Thursday

Breakfast. A city tour of the historical centre of St. Petersburg.
You will visit Kazan Cathedral, Nikolsky Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky's Lavra. Excursion to Hermitag Museum, the treasury of the world's arts. Dinner. Free time.

Day 7 Friday

Breakfast. Transfer to Valday. You will visit the active Iver Monastery, which situated on picturesqi Selevetz island in Valday Lake.
Transfer to Vyshny Volochek. Dinner. A city tour of the town. You will get acquainted and you will see "the result" of the famous deeds of Peter I the only one in its kind the Waterway system.
Transfer to Moscow.

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