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Cultural tourism in Russia

Russia is a country of rich and fascinating history and culture» From the time of pre-history, richly diverse peoples inhabited This territory with each group contributing lo the cultural and spiritual heritage of what is now Russia, For many generations Russia was a place where European and Asian civilizations came into contact and found ways to coexist.

Russia's contribution to world culture Is absolutely priceless. Russian literature, classical music and ballet, as well as the theatrical tradition and the an of the avant-garde are world famous. The achievements of many generations of Russia's scientists are also widely known. Yet to comprehend the culture of this land, you must come and see Russia for yourself.

Russia is a country of numerous and greatly varied cultural and historic sites. Many of them are unique treasures of world significance. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes IS separate Russian sites.

The most important cultural objects are found In the European part of Russia, in those locations where the Russian State first look its roots and began its development. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the country's most prominent tourism centers. These two major cities are incredibly rich with cultural markers and many architectural marvels. Fascinating cultural programs, historic monuments, museums and theatres await you.

A wide variety of Incredible travel destinations Is available within the European part of Russia. The most popular routes Include the historic cities of the Golden Ring, riverboat cruises along the Volga River and up to the Russian North and Northwest, These routes invite you to experience Russian history, immerse yourself In the culture and learn its traditions» New cultural and educational travel destinations are being offered with every new tourist season.

Cultural Tourism in Russia does not have to be only about museums and site seeing. Russia's traditions and her national spirit also live in folk songs, dances, folk celebrations, crafts, and, of course. In Its cuisine. Come to Russia and experience an authentic Russian feast take part in fun and theatrical folk performances, visit culture and history festivals in many cities. One thing is absolutely guaranteed: your trip to Russia will be exciting and unforgettable.

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