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Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region lies in the northwest of China. It covers an area of over 1.66 million square km with a population of more than 18 million. Apart from the Uygurs, who account for half of its population, there are 47 other ethnic groups in the region including the Hans, the Kazaks, the Huis, the Mongols, the Tajiks, the Uzbeks and the Xibes. Urumqi is the capital city.

Xinjiang is endowed with sublime mountains and lakes. In the middle of the region lies the magnificent Tianshan Mountains running from east to west, and bisecting Xinjiang into the south and the north. In south Xinjiang, in the center of China's largest basin, Tarim Basin, is its largest desert Taklimakan Desert, while in the north, you can find the country's deepest basin, Turpan Basin. Among Xinjiang's scenic wonders, the most famous are Tianchi (Heavenly Lake), Kanas Lake, Bayanbulak Swan Lake, Sayram Lake, Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spot in Urumqi and the Euphrates Poplar Forests.

Xinjiang is China's important passage to Central Asia, West Asia and Europe. Along the ancient Silk Road are numerous places of historical interest, such as Karez Well, the ancient cities of Gaochang, Jiaohe and Beiting, Loulan Ruins, Kezil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Bizaklik Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Apak Hoja Tomb, Astana Ancient Tombs, Id Kah Mosque, Niya Ruins and the General's Mansion in IN. Mostly covered with grassland, Xinjiang boasts an abundance of wildlife resources with many invaluable medical herbs and rare animals and birds. With distinctive civilizations and folk customs, Xinjiang is a fascinating destination for visitors from home and abroad.


Urumqi Located at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, has a population of 1.6 million comprising 36 ethnic groups. On top of the Red Hill at the city center, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Urumqi. There are many historical monuments in the city, such as Shaanxi Grand Mosque and Nanmen Grand Mosque. In the suburbs are exuberant pastures dotted with scenic spots including the West White Poplar Gully in Nanshan Mountain and No. 1 Glacier in Tianshan Mountains. The Heavenly Lake is also not far from the city.

Glacier in Tianshan Mountains

No.l Glacier is situated north of the dividing line of Tianger Peak, the main peak of Karawuguntag Mountain in the middle of Tianshan Mountains, 118 km from Urumqi. Formed in the Tertiary Period 4 million years ago, it is the most famous glacier in the Daxi Gully region, the source of Urumqi River. The glacier is by the well-known Urumqi-Hejing Highway, which runs across a 4-km mountain pass. The highway is an important artery linking the south and north of the Tianshan Mountains.

Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area

Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area refers to the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains south of Urumqi. Geographical features vary from the fool to the peak of the mountain, with complicated land formation and distinctive climate. There are lofty peaks, crystal glaciers, torrents, waterfalls, boundless grassland and lush forests.-Most of the scenic spots are found in parallel gullies and valleys, such as Shuixi Gully, Banfang Gully, East White Poplar Gully, Daxi Gully, West White Poplar Gully, Gangou Gully and the glaciers. * ЦТ

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