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China > Linyi


Linyi started its city-building about 2,500 years ago. Linyi is the birthplace of great names in history including prestigious calligrapher Wang Xizhi, military strategist Zhu Geliang, Liu Hong, the inventor of abacus, and reputable calligrapher Yan Zhenqing.

Linyi is a city with great mountains and rivers. As the second highest mountain in Shandong Province and the National 5A-Class Tourist Attraction (the best in Chinas tourist attraction categories), Mount Meng is renowned as natural oxygen bar and natural nourishing longevity place. Among the 1,800 rivers flowing through Yimeng region(the geographical notion of Linyi City), Yihe River is the second longest in Shandong Province. 8 rivers flowing through central urban Linyi make a feature of meandering, green and beautiful river views, among which Binhe Scenic Spot in Linyi is the largest national urban wetland. Linyi is a city with great history and cultures. With its long history and splendid culture, Linyi is the birthplace of great names in history including prestigious calligrapher Wang Xizhi, military strategist Zhu Geliang, Liu Hong, the inventor of abacus, and reputable calligrapher Yan Zhenqing. Art of War written by Master Sun Tzu and Art of War written by Sun Bin, two worldfamous inscribed bamboo slips, were unearthed here in Linyi. Linyi boasts distinctly Red Culture(a culture formed during the campaign for independence led by Communist Party of China) features, Yimeng Spirit, as the product of long-term revolution and construction, was, is, and will always be our spiritual impetus to start enterprises and rush them through. Linyi is also a city of great entrepreneurship and innovation. Equal emphasis has been laid on both software and hardware construction. Reforms in the fields of commercial system and administrative approval are put forward steadily. Much attention has been paid on people first, and then on enhancing the citys connotation and city-industry integration. Efforts have been made to perfect the public services in education, medical treatment and business. The function of carrier should be enhanced by providing convenience for citizens work and life. We are making coordinated efforts to push forward the community construction in central urban area, counties, important towns and new rural villages. Linyi has successively been rated as Chinas most promising investment city in the eye of multinational enterprises, the top city with best urban competitiveness in terms of government efficiency which was announced by World Bank, and the best business city in Chinas mainland for the eighth year in a row released by Forbes. Linyi is also a city of commerce and trade. Home to 128 specialized wholesale markets and 49, 000 business owners, Linyis commerce and trade domain contains over 60,000 kinds of products from 27 categories including metals, construction materials, sheet materials and so on. In terms of logistics network, Linyi has access to any city above county level and all trade ports are reachable. Emerging business models are enjoying rapid development with over 40,000 e-commerce enterprises and business owners, for which Linyi has been called Famous Market City of China and Chinas Capital of Logistics. There are over 3,000 operating entities doing foreign trade, including the China-Europe Commerce and Trade Logistics Cooperative Park which is located in Hungary and the to-rebuilt overseas business regions which are going to be constructed in United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Linyi boasts three equal - size dty pographies of mountainous region, hills and plains.

Thus, its great ecological environment, abundant mountain and water resources and beautiful countryside sceneries have become great advantages for developing sightseeing tour, countryside tour, leisure and holiday tour and so on. Located at the northwest of Linyi, Guimeng Tourist Attraction is the first National 5A-Class Tourist Attraction in Linyi. It is now the National Forest Park, National Geological Park, Provincial Scenic Spot, and a world-class nourishing place for longevity. Located at the northwest of Linyi City, Yunmeng Tourist Attraction is known for its distinct mountainous landscape, forest and rainfall scenery and cultural landscapes.

Address: Yunmeng Tourist Attraction, Mount Meng Tourist Holiday Resort, Linyi, Shandong

Tianmeng Tourist Area

Located in the north of Feixian County and standing at the eastern section of Yimeng Mountains, the Inzone Tianmeng Tourist Area is the birthplace of The Canzonet of Yimeng Mountain. It is a complex cultural and ecological resort area combining functions such as eco-tourism in mountainous areas, sports and leisure, folk culture experiencing, eco-agricultural tourism and recreational tourism.

Zhuquan Village Tourist Attraction

Zhuquan Village Tourist Attraction is a complex tourist attraction integrated with ecological sightseeing, leisure and holidays, business conferences. It has been awarded Top Ten Beautiful Villages in China. by CCTV. Address: Zhuquan Village, Tongjing Township, Yinan County, Linyi City

Lanling National Park

Lanling National Agricultural Park is the one and only national level agricultural park in Shandong province and the ecological agricultural farm with the largest size. As the National 4A-Class Tourist Attraction, the National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site, the National Geological Park and the National Water Conservancy Tourist Attraction, Tianma Island has won its reputation as the best tourist attraction for the balanced layout of mountains and waters. Address: Doushan, Jvnan County, The highest peak of Cangma hill is 399 meters above sea level. The running mountain ridges enjoyed its reputation as the top one of eight great sceneries in Linyi in the period of East Jin Dynasty. Address: 5 kilometers northeast away from Linshu County Jiujianpeng Traveling Area boasts exquisite natural scenery and numerous cultural legacy. Main cultural and historic sites include the former site of Jiujianpeng, Jiujianpeng old village and the project symbolizing the spirit of arduous and industrial struggle of people from Jiujianpeng.

Yayougou Scenic Spot

With three sides surrounded by mountains and one side faced with the river, Yayougou Scenic Spot boasts picturesque scenery, outstanding people and distinct countryside features. The combination of simple stone houses and natural mountains and rivers portray a beautiful picture with simplicity and elegance.

Xincun Gingko

Featuring abundant gingko resources, historical sites and rich culture, Xincun Gingko Industry Development Zone is the National 4A-Class Tourist Attraction and also the location of Chinas Gingko Ecotourism Area. Linyi was once the location of Yimengshan Anti-Japanese Base and the provincial capital of Shandong Liberated Area. Thus, Linyi boasts distinct Red Culture and various revolutionary heritages. The famous Menglianggu Campaign happened here in Linyi. Yimeng Spirit, as the product of longterm revolution and construction, will always be our spiritual impetus to start and do our business. Heroes of Paragon include HongSao and Six Sisters in the war and so on. Menglianggu Scenic Spot is the National 4A-Class Tourist Attraction, Chinas Top Ten Red Tourist Attraction, National Patriotic Education Base and National Top 100 Red Tourism Classical Scenic Spot. This base is National 4A-Class Tourist Attraction for leisure and holidays combining functions such as red tourism, greenness and health, filming, red education experience, dining and entertainment.

Address: Changshanzhuang Village, Mamuchi Township, Yinan County, Shandong Province

Red Monument

It is the one and only tourist attraction in Shandong province that was bestowed with the reputation of Red Monument. Its also reputed as the holy place for red culture and the first manor in China.This hall is mainly used for exhibiting Yimeng Spirits, red films and television education, displaying CPCs history, Yimeng Revolutionary Spirit research and Mass Line. Address: the junction between Yinqueshan Road and Yizhou Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province

Daqingshan Revolution Memorial Hall

This hall is the educational base for CPC spirit in Shandong province. It is under the theme of ideal and belief education. The Daqingshan revolutionary victory is the mainline of the educational base. Red tourism is the main development pattern. This base is a national 3A-Class Tourist Attraction.

Address: 11 kilometers north away from Daqingshan Road, Xuezhuang Township, Feixian County

Yuanziya village

Yuanziya village stands at the east bank of Shuhe River, 3 kilometers away from Banquan Township. In August, 2015, after the ratification from CPC central committee and the State Council, villagers of Yuanziya were awarded the honorable title Hero Group of Anti-Japanese War by Ministry of Civil Affairs. In December, 2015, the former place of martyrs monument tower in Yuanziya was named as The Base for Patriotic Education in Shandong by Department of Publicity of Shandong Provincial Party Committee.

Yimengshan revolutionary base

Being called Yanan of East China, Yimengshan revolutionary base is the holy place of Shandong Province during the period of founding communist party of China and building the army. The Memorial Hall of the former site of East China Field Army Headquarter and the New Fourth Army Headquarter This place was the last headquarter of the New Fourth Army and also the birthplace of East China military area and East China Field Army.

Main attractions include Inkstone Pool, the Gate, the corridor of tablets, Linyi Academy, Jinmo Room, Yanbei Pavilion and Jinmo Fragrant Pavilion.

This museum is the first bamboo slips museum and the first ruins museum. The large-scale cemeteries are mainly from West Han Dynasty, together with tombs from the Warring States Period to Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties. Yinqueshan Bamboo Slips Museum

Address: No.219, Yimeng Road, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong

Huangshan Eastern Barbarian Cultural Park

Huangshan Eastern Barbarian Cultural Park draws its material from the history of eastern barbarians. Using the form of immersive experiences, the park and the museum supplement each other. It is a large-scale themed cultural park combining cultural sightseeing and interactive experiences.

Address: the junction between Binhe East Road and Huangshan Road, economic and technological development zone, Linyi

Gu landforms

Famous for 72 Gu landforms, Linyi possesses over 100 Gu landforms. It is renowned as the fifth landform in China. Beneath the Gu landform lies a cluster of karst caves. It is rarely seen in northern China with its large scale, various sediments and large quantity.

Daigu Landform is Chinas fifth landform recognized by Institute of Geographical Science and Resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences after Danxia Landform, Zhangjiajie Landform, Zhangshiyan Landform and Karst Landform.

Tianyu Natural Museum

With over 1,200 pieces of dinosaur fossils and over 2,200 pieces of ancient birds fossils, Tianyu Natural Museum possesses most fossils of comparatively complete individual dinosaur and birds in the world. Glowworm Water Cave Tourist Attraction

With rarely-seen glowworms in Asia, the cave is large in size and various in shapes. Shandong Underground Grand Canyon Shandong Underground Grand Canyon is located at the southwest of Yishui County. It is a cluster of karst caves with great uniqueness.

Tianshang Wangcheng Tourist Attraction

This tourist attraction is home to the rarely-seen Gu geomorphology, centered on Jiwang Gu. The historical event of Kingdom Ji moving its capital during Spring and Autumn period is the theme of this tourist attraction. It is a representative tourist attraction which allows visitors to go sightseeing, explore the history of warlords and experience Yimeng folk culture.

Heavenly Valley Natural Underground Gallery

Heavenly Valley Natural Underground Gallery has a length of 6,600 meters, of which 3,200 meters has been developed. This karst cave is a purely natural one which is rarely seen in northern China and the one and only in Linyi. It has been reputed by many experts as The First Karst Cave in Northern China.

Yimeng Yunpu Dongtian Tourist Attraction Yimeng Yunpu Dongtian

Tourist Attraction is the National 4A-Class Tourist Attraction. It is now the core attraction of Yimeng national geological park, Shandong water conservancy scenic spot and a famous service brand in Shandong.

Hot spring

Linyi is a famous hot spring city in China with the exploitation of geothermal water exceeding 164.25 cubic meters. Hot springs in Linyi are clear in water quality, abundant in reserve, high in temperature and effective in medical uses.

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