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China > Xiamen


Qian Cha Yuan is a place for you and your friends to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It is a space dedicated to tea art, and in such an agreeable space you can have a sincere gustatory and visual experience.

Tham Grand Theatre is currently a show venue of Fujian Province that is of the laroest scale and highest level, and of complete functions and Internationa top sSd Residents and vistors can watch excellent perfomnances given by toplevel artists and art troupes at home and abroad all year round.

  • Address: No. 87 Zhanhong Road, Northern Area, Stirling Dtsmct
  • Transportation: Take a bus and get off at Banlant (

This street is located on the bank of Haiwan Park, and the wood road extends to the seashore. Distinctive outdoor bars here offer a good place for friends to drink. Particularly in the evening, with the slightly salty sea breeze, friends drink and talk by the excellent sea view. Besides, singers are invited to the outdoor bars and they perform festinating music now and then. Address: Haiwan Park. Hubin West Road, Siming District

The fashion week takes place in Xiamen every November and December.

A lot of high-end fashion resources from home and abroad have been attracted to Xiamen. It has turned into an international fashion festival of unique creativity and personality in south China and an authoritative platform to publicize China's fashion index and new trends

It s the first large-scale tourist culture show in China that reflects the folk culture in Fujian and Taiwan. On Maritime Silk Road, the new play s theme is marttime Silk Road, and its main content is the culture of southern Fujian, and is performed with the method of southern Fujian drama integrated with elements of southern Fujian such as Nanyin, puppet, chest-clapping dance and tea culture. It reflects the spirit of southern Fujian of tolerance, integration, daring to break through and risk-taking" .

Address: Magic Minnan Theatre, Floor 1 Culture and Art Center, No. 95 Tiyu Road Transportation: Take a bus and get off at Culture and Art Center

Fujian Tulou

Fujian Tulou had its first appearance in the Song Dynasty. It refers to a building of two or more stories that adopts earth, wood, stone and bamboo as the main building materials. The earth, the proportionate mixture of sandy clay and viscous sandy soil, is unbaked and the walls are built by special compacting boards. Tulou spreads over the mountainous counties in Zhangzhou including Nanjing, Hua an, Pinghe, Zhao an, Yunxiao and Zhangpu. It has been regarded as the mystical architecture in the mountains .

Wnyi Mountain

Wuyi Mountain is located in southern suburb of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Its a famous scenery destination and summer resort in China for tourists.

The scenic area has the typical Danxia landform. The Nine-bend River (Jiuqu River) meanders here, with 36 amazing peaks and 99 famous rocks scattering on both sides of the river.


Sanfangqixiang, or Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, is located in the center of Fuzhou City, covering an area of 40 hectares and consisting of three lanes, seven alleys and one axis street. It originated in the Jin Dynasty, developed in the Tang and following Five Dynasties, and prospered in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient lane and alley layout is well preserved here, serving a living fossil of neighborhood system for the urban life in China.

Sanfangqixiang has over 200 ancient buildings.

Meizhou Mazu Ancestral Temple

The temple is situated on Meizhou Island of Putian City. First built in 987, it has gone through multiple renovations fand expansions to become a large-scale temple cluster, which can simultaneously house nearly one thousand pilgrims. Enshrined in the very center of the temple is the 8m-tall Mazu statue, with statues of eight famous historical figures on both sides, including Chen Jinggu, the women and children protection goddess, Qian Siniang, the builder of Mulanbei, the famous water conservancy project in Song Dynasty, the navigator Zheng He and General Shi Lang who recaptured Taiwan.

Entertainment in Xiamen

The old generation of Xiamen has an inborn taste of tea whereas the young generation develops a particular favor for coffee. After the great feast of beautiful scenery, why not go and encounter an artistic tea or coffee house. Or, go to a theater to enjoy performances given by top art troupes at home and abroad and top cross-strait arts.

Villas by Xidi have been changed into coffee shops. Drinking afternoon tea and coffee is a most chic way to kill time in Xiamen.

  • Address: Yundang Road, Siming District
  • Transportation: Take a bus and get off at Jianxing Road and then walk to the destination
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