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Summer programmes for children

Summer programmes for children

Duration of the programs is 1,5-5 hours depending of the programme. Please make your bookings beforehand, latest by 17:00 i ; he evening before the programme to Levi Tourist I nformation Office, tel.


Canoeing safari at river Ounasjoki Canoeing is a fun and easy way to move in the nature. We go canoeing from Kongas to Sirkka along the river Ounasjoki. On the way there are no real rapids, just few strong flows of the water. Before starting off, the guide teaches the basics and tells how to handle the canoe. Suitable for beginners. On the way we will have a breakto enjoy grilled sausages by open fire. Possibility for swimming. Price 27 /adult and 15 /child(6-i2 yrs.) including transportation from Sirkka, canoeing equipment, tuition, refreshments. Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 12 o'clock.


Goid panning trip We start the trip from Levi togold panning place Siitonen. Price for the gold panning 20 /adultand child under 12 years 10 including all necessary equip-ments. You can keepthegold you mightfind! Possibility to have a cup of coffee and a soup lunch (not included in the price). Be properly dressed. On the way back you'll have a pos-sibility to buy souvenirs and handicrafts from Takkaporo-shop. Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 12 o'clock.


Visit to Levi Reindeer Park Come and get to know reindeer life on top of Levi fell. Sightseeing by Gondola lift to the Reindeer Park, price 2 /one-way. With local reindeer herders we will get to know reindeer and their lives. We will walk through Reindeer Park backto lowerstation of the Gondola lift. On the way we have a little break at the kota and grill some sausages have a cup of coffee or tea/juice. You can try Suopunki throwing which is a traditional Lappish lasso. Price 8 /adult and 4 /child (4-12 yrs.) and family price 20 (2 adults and 1-3 children). Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 12 o'clock.

Trip to a Husky Park and to shore of the lake Munajarvi Trip to Kongas village, which lies along the river Ounasjoki, to visit husky park where you meet friendly husky dogs and puppies. After the husky farm visit we will continue along the path to the shore where we will grill sausages by open fire and have a cup of coffee, tea orjuice. On the way back to Husky Park we will meet a kissing reindeer. Price 11 /adult, 7 /child {2nyrs.), family price 33 (2 adults and 2-3 children). Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 16:00.


Biking trip in picturesque scenery of Levi Hit the road by bike and enjoy Levi's beautiful landscapes on a guided trip. A bike is a great vehicle to further explore Levi and its surroundings - with the family as well. Route will be decided beginning of the trip according to the participants. Departure and meeting place: Zero Point at 11:00. Price: 10 /person, incl. bicycle, helmet and guide services. Please take your own drinking bot-tle with you. Transportation is not included to the price.

Reidar's paradise Excursion to Sarestoniemi wilderness atelier and artist home in Kaukonen. Entrance fees: 1-12 persons/10 /person and over 12 persons/8 /person, pensioners and students 8 . Possibility to buy coffee. On the way back to Levi we will visit Einari Junttila Art Museum in Kittila, entrance fee 5 . Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tou rist I nformation around 12 o'clock.


Program is designed to help participants get more out of exercising. With good equip-ment, under professional guidance, and in fantastic Lapland surroundings, you get good provisions for looking after your own well-being. Is your workout stuck in a rut? Not getting results? Proper progress and enjoyment of exercise depends on its effectiveness. 4Event professionals teach you how to exercise the right and sensible way in the sports that appeal to you. Every participant have own heart rate monitor. We are using Nordic Walking poles. Program duration i,5 hours. Prices: adults 18 /person + including own Exel-poles / person. Children under 15years 10 /person + including own kids' poles 20 / person. Departure front of Levi Tourist Information at 10:00.

Into the foaming rapids on a car tyre Come to an unforgettable speed-filled experience, by shooting clear Lappish river rapids in a car tyre. The tyre spins, the water splashes and laugh comes easily. Guide is with you all the time. We put on appropriate clothing; wet suit, helmet, life-jacket, knee pads and flippers. Price 20 /adult and 10 /child (10-12 yrs.) Age limit is 10 years. Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 13:00.


Excursion to Levi's DomesticAnimal Park Come and see the old and traditional village of Lonnakko. The buildings are from 17th century. In the village you meet the world's northernmost alpacas, reindeer, goats and sheep. There are also smaller animals such as chipmunk, gerbils, guinea-pigs, bunnies, budgies, finches and the rooster Elvis and the hen Klaara. Part of the animals is strolling in the area. Entrance fee 4 both adult and child. Family ticket 16 (2 adults and 1-3 children). Children under 2 years old for free. Departure from the hotels in the area or Levi Tourist Information around 12 o'clock.

Introduction to Coif You can get to know the secrets of golf by participating to golf demo for children and adults at 14.00-15.30. Price: 20 /person. Minimum 3 persons. Bookings beforehand, latest by 17:00, in the evening before the program to Caddie Master's office +358 16 641150. Transportation is not included to the price.

Midnight Sun Master golf competition (20.6.-11.7.2009) Midnight Sun Master golf competition atthe beautiful Levi golf course {18 holes) is a must experience for every golfer. Competition starts at 18:30. You need to be at the club house 18:00. Price 60 / adult and 40 /child incl. green fee, a light snack, result service and programmatic prize giving ceremony. If you have own share then the price is 2o/adult and 10 / child. The score cards need to be returned at the latest 23:00. Bookings beforehand, latest by 17:00. in the evening before the program, to Caddie Master's office +358 16 641150. Transportation is not included to the price.

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