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Пятница, 22 Январь 2021
Туры в Ростов на Дону
Туры в Ростов
Озеро Шира
Ростов на Дону
Амакс отель Азов
Красный Десант
Санаторий Надежда

Dog's nose miracles

Moscow > Dog's nose miracles

Dog's nose miracles

Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station It is unlikely that Matvey Manizer, the author of the sculpture group at the Ploshcad Revolutsii metro station, supposed that his works would become the subject of Moscow superstition. Out of the 76 figures standing by the arches of the station, the most attention goes to the four border guards with dogs. There is a superstition among Moscow students that in order to get a good mark on a test they have to rub the dog's nose, and to pass an exam — it's paw.

Sauman University students, who seem to have -arted this tradition, consider the dog to the right om the entrance to the station's Eastern hall their personal" one. The most luck would follow the person о manages to run out of the train, touch the grades jok to the dog's nose and run back into the same train, ther sculptures also help Muscovites: touching the shoes f the Student heals broken hearts, while the gun of the Revolutionary sailor brings luck in financial area. A special place is reserved for the flagman from the Marat battleship: those who want their day to go well should touch his flag. The sculpture was modelled on Olimpy Rudakov, whose glittering navy career reached its zenith with a dance with Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in United Kingdom.

M Ploshchad Revolutsii 05.30-1.00 (west entrance), 6.30-22.30 (east entrance)

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