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Capercailye House

We'll be happy to greet you always in the hunter's hotel "Capercailye House"! Located on the territory of the national park "Russian North " in the immediate vicinity of the Volgo-Baltic waterway. It is situated far from bustling places, on the eminence between two lakes in the wonderful forest tract 10 minutes driving from the town of Kirillov. It is one of the most picturesque areas of Russian north which you see it once will never forget later on. The magic and thrilling power of this area truly lies in its amazing nature and favorable ecologically clean climate. The unique old russian wooden style of the hotel buildings with interior furnishing will allow you to find yourself in the fairy tale.

    Services include:
  • 10 rooms including studio, one bedroom and suites.
  • Cozy restaurant and bar.
  • Movie theatre in the fire hall.
  • Billiard.
  • Russian bath.
  • Karaoke.
  • Sports ground for target shooting (sporting).
  • Paintball.
  • Hunting.
  • Fishing. There're two lakes filled with fish on the hotel territory.
  • Tracks for skiing, snowmobiles and Russian troika (three horses harnessed abreast).
  • Open-air cage for animals.
  • Car parking.

We 'll try to do our best to make your stay at our hotel unforgettable. The hotel guarantees entire safety, silence and tranquility for our guests.

Wе provide fascinating excursions of Kirillo-Belozersky and Ferapontov (painted by the unique murals of Dionysius) anc Goritsky monasteries, the holy hill Maura on which saint Kirill worked his wonders. Our guests will become acquainted witt natural landscapes of the national park "Russian North". The adherents of active leisure have an opportunity of fishing and hunting.

Hunting trips are provided in the best hunting areas о Vologoda region. The most skilled and prepared chasseurs wi be at your service. The sports and tourist complex "Capercailye House" offers the foliowing services for hunting:

  • bear (at the den, at the oats, at the bait);
  • elk (calling, rounding up);
  • wild boar (at the crops damages, rounding up);
  • wolf (with flags);
  • fox (with flags, calling, rounding up, with dogs);
  • hare (rounding up, with dogs).

We also offer you fishing trips for pike, perch, bream, к carp and chub. A wide range of services, lonely places a magnificent landscapes will allow you to relax and grec enjoy the ambient air. The skilled chasseurs of our complex make your hunting unforgettable and successful.

The list of huntings provided in spring:

  • capercailye at the display ground
  • black grouse at the display ground
  • goose during migration
  • duck;
  • woodcock during roding.

Any prey bagged by you will be prepared skillfully by the cooks of opr restaurant specially for you.

We draw your attention that on the period of the spring hunting time of 2005 the hotel "Capercailye House" has a special offer: the price includes full board! Our cooks will offer you the best dishes of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine and for gourmet's dinner the chief cook will present his speciality of the house made of meat of preyed fowl.

We hope the Service and comfort in the hunting hotel "Capercailye House" will amaze you greatly.

Wonderful prizes and gifts from Vologoda federation of Sporting and the hotel "Capercailye House" will await the most successful and well-aimed hunters.

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