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Victory Park of Stavropol

Stavropol > Victory Park

Victory Park of Stavropol

The Victory Park, which is located within the borders of Stavropol, can be called one the brightest examples of a mutual symbiosis of economics and ecology. The area of one of the biggest park in the North-Caucasus federal district is about 200 hectares. The unique feature of the park is that it is harmoniously built in the forest area.

The forest requires constant care, hence, significant capital costs. This mission is given to the Union of consumers societies "Stavropol parks of culture and leisure", and it is successfully carried out. On the other hand, the abundance of green plants, clean air, unbelievable natural and man-made wonders, in addition to ability to fix your health, food from different parts of the world.

In 2008 The Victory Park was recognized as the best Russian park and received the "Crystal Wheel" prize. Not long before, in 2002, The Victory Park received the highest rank from international specialists and was awarded "Golden Pony" - European "Oscar" in the park industry.

By definition, a park of culture and leisure is a creative centre of relaxation and entertainment industry within the natural environment. The condition of the environment is the main feature of a park. The biggest part of the park is occupied with relict forest, ecological paths and alleys, lawns and fountains, as well as sport grounds.

The nature here is the master. Environmental protection is an issue of the main importance for the park administration. That is why, The Victory Park is proud of the medal it has received for the ecological achievements.

The park has its own department which is responsible for the landscape design, a greenhouse has been built. Every year new trees are planted on suitable sites. Especially for this purpose a plant and seed fund has been organized. Precious tree species can be found here: oak, ash, beech, maple, hornbeam, linden, as well as many other flowers which are in the "Red Book". In order to provide decent security the park has its own security service. When the park blossoms, many international guests come to visit and see this miracle. Natural landscape has also flowerbeds and flower-gardens. By the way, the area of flowerbeds is the same as in Stavropol itself. Many of them are made with the help of park sculptures. The decoration of flowerbeds is performed with phyto and landscape design. "It is beautiful here not only in summer, as most people think, but also in autumn" says the head of "Stavropol parks of culture and leisure" Viktor Bondarenko. "The peak of blossoming of our flowerbeds is in the middle of September, the time of the "The City Day". We didn't arrange it deliberately, to be honest, it is a historical fact. There is always something to look at for guests and Stavropol residents during the golden time!"

The main feature of the park is that it is happy to greet guests all year round. There is everything necessary in any season, as for relaxed and active rest. Families are the main visitors at the same time outside the family framework anyone can find an entertainment for the soul. For the elder generation there are symphonic orchestras and discos for the younger ones. There are no contradictions, on the contrary, the link between time and generations can be felt in the air. Park administration is receiving many thanks as from the residents as from guests for the entertainment organization. The authors' age is from 12 to 85.

More and more people take up sport, and it is the basis of park's activity. Playgrounds, sport equipment, ping-pong and tennis, volleyball and street ball, bowling and mini-golf, karting and bicycles, sport shooting and paintball, badminton and air hockey, arm wrestling and weigh-lifting, tanning salon etc. Not all of them are the sources of income, many sites are of social importance. Chess pavilions are not only sport centers but also places for people to meet and socialize. Special place is given to the horse riding club, its expenses were offset by the park administration. There are many interenough water for everybody. There are many extreme slides for every taste, heated pools and Siberian sauna.

Unlike any other parks, active lifestyle doesn't stop here neither in autumn nor in winter. An Ice Rink is extremely popular among Stavropol residents as well as guests. Due to the modern technologies it is open not only in winter but also during relatively warm seasons. Stavropol has other Ice kinks but they are indoors. Ice skating under the forest trees and fresh air is a great pleasure which can not be compared to anything else. There are comfortable changing rooms, Ice skating rentals and a cafe. The rink has the first in the city Ice hockey and Ice skating school.

While describing this amazing place, it is impossible not to mention the park's Zoo. It is loved by many park guests. Many outdoor and indoor yards for animals and birds are located on three hectares of land. Lions and bears, wolves and foxes, deer and camels, monkeys and peacocks, crocodiles and pythons as well as many other species of traditional and exotic fauna found their shelter. Veterinarian hospital is equipped with the most modern facilities. It has its own operating room and the x-ray.

Park's nurslings make visitors happy with their progenies. Especial gratitude is experienced by the youngsters. Four baby lions have appeared in the Zoo, which is a rare thing in captivity. Communicating with animals helps to cope with stress and tension and breeds love to the nature. Different events and excursions are held for kinder gardens and schools of Stavropol and surrounding areas. Many excursions are made for orphanages in the region according to the program of "Stavropol parks of culture and leisure".

"We are not only nature contemplators, but also its assistants", says Viktor Bondarenko. "And I see our main goal as to append to as many people as possible nature and ecological movement. Our hope is our children. You should see the sparks in their eyes when they visit our park! They are happy not only with the rollercoasters, but also with the nature. We will do our best to make the Victory Park not only a place for entertainment but also a centre for ecological culture and healthy relaxation".

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