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Rostov Regional Museum of local lore

Cultural tourism in Russia > Rostov region > Rostov Regional Museum of local lore

Rostov Regional Museum of local lore

Rostov Regional Museum of local lore study belongs to the largest museums in the South of Russia, the collections of which contain more than 200 000 stored units.

The history of the museum began in 1910 when a municipal museum was opened on the public initiative in Rostov-on-Don. A. E Miller, curator of the Alexander III Russian Museum wrote in 1910: "Owing to the efforts of educated people in Rostov-on-Don a start was given to the development of an institution, which is so desirable for study, collection and preservation of local antiquities".

After the establishment of the Soviet power in the Don region in 1920 the museum was nationalized and named "The 1st Don Regional Museum of Art and Antiquities". In connection with the creation of the Rostov Province in 1937 it was reorganized into the "Rostov Regional Museum of local lore study, representing the Don nature, history and culture".

Throughout all those years main attention was given to forming the museum collections. They were a great success during demonstrations in Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Scotland, and japan.

The world fame of the museum is based, first of all, on its unique archeological collection, which is replenished by annual archeological digs on the territory of the province being an inexhaustible source of discoveries.

Especially astonishing are unique items from gold and silver belonging to the IV century B.C. - IV century AD. - weapons, harness, wine bowls, decorations representing the culture of the nations, which populated the Don region in ancient times, i.e. Scythian, Sarmat and Savromat tribes. Discovered in the Don burial mounds, they were displayed in the Chamber of rare and precious exhibits, which was created by the Rostov Museum among the first provincial museums in 1973. The museum has collection of Russian silver items, which is small by composition, but exceptionally interesting due to presence of wares from the famous fabrics of I. Sazikov, P. Khiebnikov, P. Ovchinnikov, and K. Faberge.

Folk costumes belong to the most impressive part of ethnographic collections in the museum. It takes pride in Russian shawls and decorated shirts, Don fur coats and Tatar caps, Armenian poshes and kerchiefs of the so-called Spirit Fighters, which are also a subject of careful studies. Especially valuable are horned kichki - wedding head-dresses of Nekrassov Cossack women, decorated with galloon, pearls, silver coins belonging to the XVII - XVIII centuries.

Unique flavour of life in the trading Rostov and cities of the southern province is preserved in the items made from glass, metal, porcelain, old photographs and doc­uments. In the Musical Sitting Room of the Museum one can see music cabinets, gramophones, phonographs, street-organs and learn that Rostov-on-Don is the birthplace of Russian operetta.

The Rostov Museum can also be proud of its memorial collections, too. Personal funds of M.A. Sholokhov, M.B. Grekov, M. Saryan, M. Shaginyan, M. Nalbandyan, freemen of our city and lots of other remarkable people, whose names and deeds are recorded in historical annals, are of exceptional interest for museum visitors and researchers.

The Museum of Russian and Armenian Friendship is a branch of the Rostov Regional Museum of local lore study. It was opened in 1972 on the initiative of M. i Saryan in the Surb-Hach Cathedral built in the XVIII century, which itself is a historical and architectural monument of federal scale.

Contact us:

Tel: +7 (8632) 40-38-97, 65-01-11
Fax: +7 (8632) 65-01-11
B. Sadovaya, 79, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344006.

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