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Krasnodar region > Djankhot


Sеа welcomes every traveler. But the one, who has not yet been in the comfortable coastal homestead Djankhot can not say that he has seen every beautiful place in Russia. Just 10 km away from Gelendjik, you can find a comfortable and peaceful place in a quiet bay of the Black Sea right at the creek of Khotesai river. Surrounded by the Relic Pinsunda Pine Forest, which makes it a natural health center for those who come here.

Every walk you take in this place is a brand new discovery. For example, walking just for one km along the coast on the pebble beach, you can find the real marine abyss. Here, the shoreline cliffs are looking on the water surface of the Black Sea and the mirror image of the water surface gives you a deep feeling of the edye of the earth.

Djankhot is a great gift of a famous Kuban historian Fedor Sherbin, the greatest traveler of all time. After 30 years of the end of Caucasian War, he was the first one in 1893 to find this place and began residing here. He was also the one who gave a very romantic and sound name to its homestead, calling it "Aul Djankhot" in honor of an Adygian person. It can also be translated as "Happy Person". Fedor Andreevich Sherbin was remembered and mentioned in Russian and Kuban history as the author of "History of Kuban Caucas Unit", a Deputy of the Imperial Duma, Public and Social Figure and the editor of the first Caucas newspaper. He was able to build a road from Divnomorsk homestead to Djankhot, set up grape fields, gardens and formed a farm, where he worked for a long time. People say, that Fedor Sherbin's archives , that were lost after his death, are still underground of his unfinished farm.

Based on the right of the first pioneer, a historian himself "chose" neighbors and after several years, one of them was the Korolenko Brothers. The older brother, the famous writer Vladimir Korolenko, was looking to find a place for his younger brother somewhere on the coast of the Black Sea, where he could set up grape fields and manage them, and in the summer he could invite the whole family. And he found Djankhot. "Sherbin dreams about finding as many good people as possible to reside here. Firstly, he wants to have good neighbors and secondly, more importantly for him, he wants that land surrounding the farm was divided in sectors. He is energetic and ready to help others", said Vladimir Korolenko to his brother. Right now, on a steep hillside on the left side of the river, you can find an old two-store house with a red-colored roof, white staircases and balconies. Since 1964, on his premise, you can find a Memorial Museum of Literature, named after a famous sketch "Blind Musician" and Legend of Polesskoy". Next to the Museum of Literature, you can find a rare cedar of Lebanon, which is 150 years old.

Djankhot and its surrounding areas, there are 33 cultural, historical and natural statues. Among them, there is a famous standing rock wall, named "Parus". Over the years, it separated itself from the hillside mountain and resembles a sail. In addition, this famous rock wall "Parus" is famous for withstanding 4 heavy bombing shells during wartimes and it continues to stand tall among the other beautiful sites in the area.

People can discover hidden and secret places in the forest by taking adventurous walks and can really enjoy waterfalls and beautiful plants. Walking is the simplest and safest way of transportation in the area. Those who are interested in exploring a life under water may do that as well. Full spectrum of services is available. Ш A person, no matter how rich and powerful he or she is, will all over again enjoy the nature beauty and will be filled with emotions in beautiful secluded areas of Djankhot.

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