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Leaflet to tour
Tourism in Russia > Komi Republic > Leaflet to tour

Leaflet to tour

Manpupuner stone idols

  • Route details Necessary physical or special training: experience in active tourism is welcome.
  • Kilometers travelled per day: 20 km/day (within 4 days)
  • Route details: walking part of the journey happens with some lighting of baggage as the food products necessary for a way back are left on the cordon.
  • Baggage transportation (personal and public equipment): it is carried out by participants of the group and accompanying people. The travel program can be changed due to weather conditions, level of training of participants, and other factors out of Tour operators control. The decision on change of a route is made by a guide/instructor on place, with the notice of participants. Please, report to us at the time of booking about any chronic diseases or contraindications to participation in travel with physical activity and lodgings for the night in field conditions.
  • Support Group: up to 9 people
  • Guides/instructors for a group: 1 for 9 people
  • Transport Model, power: vehicles GAZel, PAZ; wooden boats with motor (Suzuki; Tahatsu)
  • Transport: minivan GAZel
  • Provided equipment For a group: double tents Inser 2; sleeping bag Uralets 3 (duplex with a hood); ground mat; fire equipment; life jacket Orion.
  • Necessary personal outfit Hiking outfit: manageable backpack (70-80 liters)
  • Clothes: wind-water-heat-protective trousers and anorak with a hood, woolen sweater, shirt with long sleeves, warm underwear, headwear, woolen socks, spare clothes, warm jacket, swimming suit, rainwear, wind-protective suit, mosquito head net.
  • Shoes: hard toe boots, sport light shoes for trekking (mountaineering shoes, gumshoes), gum boots (over knee)
  • Other: personal hygiene items, sun glasses, torch with spare batteries, insect repellents, eating tools, knife, first-aid kit
  • Documents: passports, medical insurance, for children birth certificate. All this should be in a sealed package.
  • Accommodation Tents: manufacturer - Russia, bed space - 2
  • Possibility of two-man accommodation: in a hotel (last night on the route).
  • Camping equipment: provided by tour operator
  • Sleeping bag, heat-insulating mat: provided by the tour operator
  • Camping, wood chopping: by tourists under the instructors guide
  • Meal option Meal pattern: breakfast, lunch, supper, - in the field. The next to last day dinner in a cafe. The last day breakfast in a cafe. Alcoholic drinks can be bought at will on ones own account in a cafe.
  • Cooking in the field: by tourists under the instructors guide.
  • Hiking menu: breakfast (porridge; sandwiches; coffee or tea); lunch (soup; tea or coffee; cookies); supper (potatoes with tinned stew meat, and/or soup with tinned foods or fresh fish; tea or coffee; cookies). During trekking: breakfast (porridge; tea; cookies); lunch (instant cream soup; tea; cookies); supper (pasta or buckwheat with tinned meat; tea; cookies).
  • Hiking utensils: it is required to have personal utensils
  • Other recommendations The tourist has to be in the boat only in a life jacket. When moving on a route the tourist shouldn't overtake the head of the group or be behind the group closer. The tourist is obliged to behave validly in relation to locals, to protect the nature of the Pechoro-Ilychsky biosphere reserve.

Additional information:

1. In order to avoid the unpleasant moments connected with delay on a route, we ask to arrive to the airport no later than 2 hours prior to departure, on the railway station no later than 30 min. before train departure. Delay can lead to a tour service loss, uncoordinated and unmotivated departure isn't money compensated.

2. On arrival to a place of the beginning of a route, the instructor introduces to tourists safety measures on a route and rules of behavior in marching conditions. Each participant is obliged to observe safety measures and to execute commands of the instructor.

3. If any problems connected with quality of reception or service occurs, questions are resolved on place with the representative of a host party. In case of impossibility of such a decision, it is necessary to draw up in writing "The Act of violation of conditions of reception".

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