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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Urzhum


Urzhum is the center of the area of the Kirov region. It is located in the south of the region, on the bank of the Urzhumka River (a tributary of the Vyatka). The distance to Kirov is 195 km. The population of the town is 12 thousand persons. Urzhum is included into the list of Russias historical sites.

The town was founded in the 16th century on the lands of Mari tribes. The word Urzhum is translated from the Mari language as I saw a squirrel.

Urzhum still has quite a few features of a country town of the 19th century. The central street of the town, Sovetskaya Street (ex-Voskresenskaya), is built up with small one- and two-storeyed stone private houses once owned by local merchants, lumbermen, noblemen, and officials. Five-domed Trinity Cathedral built of red brick in the 19th century is a true adornment of the town.

Urzhum is the native town of Sergey Mironovich Kirov (1886-1934), a prominent Russian statesman. The regional center was named after him. Sergey Kostrikov spent his childhood and youth and received his start in life here. S.M. Kirovs relatives are buried in Urzhum. In 1935, The S.M. Kirov Museum was opened in a wooden five-wall house built by his grandfather.

The name of a prominent Russian poet N.A. Zabolotsky (1903-1958) is closely associated with Urzhum. Every year, well-known writers, poets, artists and musicians from the Kirov region and other Russian regions, as well as beginners meet in Urzhum to celebrate the poets anniversary.

The Urzhum area has resources for promotion of cultural, ethnographic and recreation tourism.

The S.M. Kirov Memorial Museum

70, Kirov Street, Urzhum, 613530
Tel. +7.83363.2-12-39