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The Shaitan Lake

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > The Shaitan Lake

The Shaitan Lake

There are hundreds of small and big lakes in the Kirov region. The Shaitan Lake located 39 kilometers from the town of Urzhum is a unique lake. The basin of the lake is encircled by a forest from three sides. The Shaitan is a karst lake. Its depth is 12 meters. The lake is fed by groundwater and atmospheric precipitates.

Small islands drifting on the lake with bushes and small trees growing on them are a unique phenomenon. Some of these islands can support a man. The water is opaque.

Blowouts of water columns are one more peculiar feature of the Shaitan Lake. Water columns can be of different height. Blowouts are irregular and impetuous. It’s a good luck to see them. Local residents assert that blowouts occur in winter sometimes, leaving rampant protruding ice-floes. Despite all these fancies, the crucian carp is found in the lake. This kind of fish is famous among tourists for its remarkable flavour.