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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Russia travel tours

Russia travel tours

The City on Seven Hills

A guided sightseeing tour over the city of Kirov by bus.

Ancient Vyatka, medieval Khlynov, provincial Vyatka, and regional Kirov — historically the city developed as a center of the vast territory in the north-east of Russia. Tourists will be introduced to a 6-century history of the city, the monuments of architecture, gardens, and parks.

The main sights: the Teatralnaya Square; the Governors former house (Drelevsky Street); Bulychevs private residence (Lenin Street); the St. Seraphim Church (Uritsky Street); the place where the city was founded (Moskovskaya Street); Aleksandrovsky gardens; Grin Naberezhnaya; the Museum of Cosmonautics; Post Office (Engels Street); the S.M. Kirov Park.

The sightseeing guided trip will introduce to the main streets of the city, as well as to quiet nooks of old Vyatka. Tourists will go for a walk along Grin Naberezhnaya and in the Aleksandrovsky gardens.

Tourists will be told about the historical past of the city, about our countrymen, and about the present of Kirov residents.

In the Native Land of the Vasnetsov Brothers

Introduction to a village of Ryabovo, the Zuevka area, where V.M. Vasnetsov and A.M. Vasnetsov spent their early days, and a visit to the Vasnetsovs House Museum. The Vasnetsov brothers-related places in Kirov: a visit to the Kirov Regional Arts Museum named after V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov founded on the initiative and under the auspices of the painters and to the House Museum of N.N. Khokhryakov, a painter and graphic artist, a friend of the Vasnetsovs.

Vyatka: the Town of Craftsmen

Introduction to the manufacture of the Dymkovo Toys, the Kukarka lacework, the Vyatka ceramics, lace-making and other folk crafts.

Tourists visit the Museum of Vyatka Folk Arts in Kirov (Prikaznaya Izba), the Dymkovo Toys workshops, handicrafts workshops in Kirov and other towns of the region.

Folk craftsmen share their skills lavishly. Any guest who comes to their workshops can take part in the manufacture of a handmade wonder. Both grown-ups and children attend master classes in folk arts workshops willingly.

The Sacred Place of the Land of Vyatka

Tourists are introduced to a 600-year history of the Velikoretsky religious procession, the longest one in Russia, and visit the place of pilgrimage a village of Velikoretskoye, the Yurya area where the icon of Saint Nicholas appeared to a Vyatka peasant on the bank of the Velikaya River in the 14th century. During the trip, tourists visit temples in the village of Velikoretskoye and a chapel above the sacred spring, the place of appearance of the Wonderworking Icon.

The Town of Scarlet Sail and Russian Columbus

A guided sightseeing trip to the town of Slobodskoy which celebrated its 500th anniversary. During the trip, tourists visit one of the most interesting museums of local lore and a unique wooden chapel of Michael the Archangel built without a single nail in 1610. The chapel was presented at the exhibition of the Russian wooden architecture in Paris. Tourists also visit the Yan Ranis House Museum and Academician A.N. Bakulevs Country Estate.

The Fur Ring of Vyatka

Tourists are introduced to a fur farm Vyatka where the mink and the red and silvery fox are bred. They visit fur-making plants and fur shops in Kirov and Slobodskoy.

A Visit to Vyatka Dinosaurs

A guided tour to a town of Kotelnich. Tourists pay a visit to a unique paleontological museum located in Kotelnich. Trips to the worlds largest site of fossil vertebrate pareiasaurs that lived 250 million years ago are arranged in summer. It is possible to visit the Museum of the Peasants History in a village of Leninskaya Iskra and the wildlife reserve Nurgush located on the territory of the Kotelnich area.

That Strange Fairy Tale Writer Lived Among Us

During the trip, tourists are introduced to the life and work of A.S. Grin, an outstanding Russian novelist born in Vyatka. Tourists will be told about his childhood and youth spent in Vyatka, about his studies at the Aleksandrovsky non-classical secondary school and about the Vyatka Theater where the future writer spent his spare time.

Tourists will visit the Grin Museum and see its exhibits. The trip finishes at Grin Naberezhnaya at the writers monument.

To the Home Land of the Hundredth Cosmonaut

Viktor Petrovich Savinykh, the twice Hero of the Soviet Union and a native of Vyatka, is one of the Russian cosmonauts. During the trip, tourists will visit a native village of the cosmonaut Tarasovy where he studied. They will be introduced to the history of cosmonautics, the first cosmonaut corps and V.P. Savinykhs biography. The trip finishes in the K.E. Tsiolkovsky Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics, near the bust of V.P. Savinykh.

A Visit to Vyatka Lace-Makers

A guided trip by bus to a town of Sovetsk, the former village of Kukarka, the center of lace-making art. Tourists will visit a vocational school No.28 where lacemakers and hand-embroidery and golden needlework craftswomen are trained, the museum at the school, and the Sovetsk Museum of Local Lore. Trips to the unique natural sites of the Sovetsk area may be arranged in summer: the Beresnyatsky waterfall, limestone rocks and cliffs along the banks of the Nemda River.

Hiking and Water Trips

The Permian Park

A mixed tour (a hike and a water trip). A visit to the Kotelnich Paleontological Museum, paleontological diggings on the bank of the Vyatka River, unique natural sites in the basin of the Nemda River, and diving in the Lezhninskoye Lake.

Vyatka Round-the-World Tour

A water kayak trip over the Vyatka and the Nemda. A visit to the waterfalls, caves and cliffs.

The Expanse of Vyatka

A water kayak trip over the Vyatka starting from a tourist camp Vishkil (the Kotelnich area) and finishing in a village of Lebyazhye. Fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries, and visiting unique natural monuments.

The Nemda Wonders

A water kayak trip from a village of Fokino, the Sovetsk area, to the town of Sovetsk. Visiting unique natural monuments located along the banks of the Nemda River: the Burzhatsky forest, the Beresnyatsky waterfall, a rock Chasovoy, a cave Kirov-600, and others.

Velikoretsky Religious Procession

A water kayak trip over the Velikaya River. It is the longest Russian religious procession by water, the same way as in the early days of its 600-year history.


The duration of trips is 2-8 days.
The length is 25-150 km.
For any information about terms of a specific trip, its duration and value, contact travel agencies. The list of travel agencies is enclosed.

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