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State Wildlife Reserve Pizhemsky

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > State Wildlife Reserve Pizhemsky

State Wildlife Reserve Pizhemsky

The Nemda River basin is one of the most beautiful places in the Kirov region. The river winds fancily over the territory of several regions.

Not far from the town of Sovetsk, the Nemda flows into the Pizhma and then into the Vyatka. The Nemda river basin is the most beautiful place in the state wildlife reserve Pizhemsky.

Local historians call this place Vyatka Switzerland and a precious necklace of the Nemda thanks to the local natural sites.

A rock mass Kamen on the right bank of the Nemda became a favourite place of tourists, mountain-climbers, and alpinists a long time ago. A chimney-like rock Chasovoy marks the start of limestone cliffs stretching up-stream for over a kilometer. Rock shelters, holes and rock walls may be found here. Not far from this place is a cave Kirov-600 discovered and explored in 1974, the anniversary year of the regional center. The depth of the cave is 26 meters, the length – about 150 meters.

The Beresnyatsky botanic and geological complex lies upstream. A limestone 30 meters high cliff Burzhatsky rises over the Nemda. A 7-meter Beresnyatsky Waterfall jingles at a half-kilometer distance. A hard frost turns the waterfall into an amazing sight: a frozen ice wall sparkles in the sun in all shades of blue and green.

On the left bank of the Nemda River is the Chimbulatsky botanic and geological complex with potholes and ditches, cliffs, and caves, including Kholodnaya, Paradnaya and Sofronovskaya. The length of the caves is from 42 m to 80 m, the depth is 8-24 m.

The greatest number of water and land tourist routes passes over the Nemda and along its banks.

Address of the wildlife reserve:
27, Stroiteley Street, Sovetsk, the Kirov region, 613340
Tel +7.83375.2.17.52