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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Orlov


Orlov, the center of the Orlov municipal area, is located 77 km from Kirov on the bank of the Vyatka River.

Founded in the 15th century, the town has the status of a historical settlement.

Its opportune location on the right bank of the Vyatka turned the town into one of trading centers in the Vyatka region. The board of river shipping lines seated in Orlov.

A hereditary freeman Tikhon Fillipovich Bulychev (1847-1929), one of the most well-known merchants in Vyatka, was born in Orlov. By the beginning of the 20th century, Bulychev possessed 19 steamers. He was called the master of Vyatka. Theorists of literature assert that this Vyatka merchant acted as a prototype of A.M. Gorkys Egor Bulychev. T.F. Bulychevs private residence, one of the most beautiful buildings in Kirov, survives to this day.

The most well-known Vyatka architect Ivan Apollonovich Charushin (1862-1945) was a native of Orlov. About 500 civil and religious buildings were erected under his projects in the Vyatka province, including a non-classical secondary school in Orlov, T.F. Bulychevs private residence, Seraphim Cathedral, Fedorovskaya Church in the town of Vyatka, and the Central Hotel in Kirov.

The Orlov area has resources for promotion of recreation, hunting, sports, and health-improving tourism.

Family Health Center Lebed

Comfortable first-class cottages.
Cafe, bar. Russian bath, billiards, karaoke, table tennis.
Chargrills, boats, sports, tourist and fishing outfit for rent.

Village of Skozyryata, the Orlov area, the Kirov region, 612273
Tel. +7.83365.2.41.12
+7 .8332).65.32.92

Rest Home Serebryanye Ruchy

Brick cottage on the bank of the Vyatka river. Rooms fir 2-3 persons. A wash-stand and a shower room are for general use.
Dining-room, dance-hall, Russian bath.

Village of Nazarovy, the Orlov area, the Kirov region
Tel. +7.8332.78.88.35

The Orlov Local History Museum

60, Orlovskaya Street, Orlov, 612270
Tel. +7.83365. 2-23-09