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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Nolinsk


Nolinsk, the center of the Nolinsk area of the Kirov region, is located in the central part of the region, 137 km to the south of the regional center.

A Russian settlement at the site of modern Nolinsk was founded early in the 17th century. Nolinsk was the town of petty bourgeois, craftsmen and merchants. Political convicts were exiled to Nolinsk. F.E. Dzerzhinsky was one of such exiles.

The district of Nolinsk is a native land of a prominent statesman Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (1890-1986), a people’s commissar and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union.

A souvenir factory Vyatsky Suvenir is one of the local places of interest. A universally known Russian Matryoshka is manufactured here. Inlaid with straw, Matryoshka looks very friendly and smart. It is exported to many countries of the world.

Natural Monuments:

Kamenny Log
Medvedsky Forest
The Chvanikha Lake in the Medvedsky forest
A spring in a village of Borovlyana
A hazel ramen in a village of Sredneye
A hazel ramen in a village of Mashiny
Belayevsky Forest

Arts & Culture Centers:

The Museum of Local Lore: 30, Lenin Street, Nolinsk, 613440
Director Zyablitseva Tatiana Yurievna, Tel. (268) 2-11-82

Folk Arts Facilities:

Vyatksky Suvenir , CJSC: 21, Karl Liebknecht Street, Nolinsk, 613440
Director Zhukova Galina Viktorovna, tel/fax (268) 2-13-91

The I.S. Konev House Museum

Village of Lodeino, the Podosinovets area, the Kirov region, 613922
Telephone +7.83351.6-61-18