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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Kotelnich


Kotelnich is a town of regional subordination and administrative center of the Kotelnich area. The town is a large railway station. It stands on the right bank of the Vyatka River. The population is 31.5 thousand persons. The distance to Kirov is 124 km. Kotelnich is included into the list of Russias historical sites.

Kotelnich is known in Russia and in some foreign countries for the site of fossil vertebrate pareiasaurs located not far from the town.

Pareiasaurs are big pangolin with spurs in the buccal region. These 3 meters long animals lived in Europe, South Africa, and Asia 250-260 million years ago.

The site represents a red-colored cliff of the right bank of the Vyatka and stretches for 30 km.

Every year on the bank of the Vyatka near Kotelnich, Russian and foreign scientists discover fragments and entire skeletons of the ancient animals of the Permian period and of the Triassic and Jurassic periods.

Established in 1994 in Kotelnich, the paleontological museum exhibits archeological finds from the Kotelnich site, as well as duplicates of ancient reptiles and dinosaurs discovered in Germany, the USA, and Mongolia.

In summer, the Kotelnich Paleontological Museum arranges interesting trips to the paleontological diggings during which tourists can gather a collection of inhabitants of the ancient Kazan Sea.

The Kotelnich Local History Museum

3, Lenin Street, Kotelnich, the Kirov region, 612600
Tel (242) 4-22-46

The Kotelnich Paleontological Museum

22, Karl Marx Street, Kotelnich, the Kirov region,
612600 Tel (242) 4-22-73, 4-12-31

The Peasants History Museum

3, Sadovaya Street, village of Leninskaya Iskra, the Kotelnich area, the Kirov region, 612641
Tel (242) 3-13-72

The Vyatka Hotel

17, Kirov Street, Kotelnich, the Kirov region, 612100
Tel. +7.83342.4-12-50