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Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Kirovo-Tchepetsk


Kirovo-Tchepetsk is the youngest town of regional subordination (the status of a town was awarded to it in 1955).

The town is located in the center of the region where the Tcheptsa River flows into the Vyatka. The population is 90.3 thousand persons. The distance to Kirov is 40 km.

Kirovo-Tchepetsk is the town of large industrial enterprises.

The exterior of Kirovo-Tchepetsk reflects its age. On a high bank of the Vyatka lies a young and modern town with comfortable residential areas, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and public gardens.

Kirovo-Tchepetsk is a sports-oriented town. Sport is very popular here. Gym halls and hockey stadiums, a swimming pool and illuminated ski-runs are placed at the disposal of inhabitants and guests of the town.

Hockey is the most popular sport in Kirovo-Tchepetsk. An ice-hockey club Olympia from Kirovo-Tchepetsk became the source of manpower for the Soviet ice-hockey. Over 30 hockey-players played in Major and A Leagues at different times. Among them, the most well-known sportsmen are Alexander Maltsev and Vladimir Myshkin.

Health and therapy center Raduga KChUS+K OJSC

Circulation of the blood
Respiratory apparatus
Locomotor apparatus
Digestive apparatus
Nervous system

Special-purpose programs:

Slim Figure
Mens Power
Sauna with a swimming pool, solarium, bar, cinema and video-room, billiards,karaoke, gymnasium, exercise room, swimming pool, childrens pool. Parking lot

Village of Katayevtsy, the Kirovo-Tchepetsk area, the Kirov region, 613040
Health and therapy center Raduga
Fax +7.83361. 5.00.31



respiratory apparatus
digestive apparatus
locomotor apparatus
nervous system
cardiovascular system
Sauna with a swimming pool gymnasium, sports goods for rent, video-room, dance-hall, bar, billiards, beach, parking lot

Settlement of Perekop, the Kirovo-Tchepetsk area, the Kirov region, 613051
Tel./fax +7.83361. 4.41.64

Rest Home Kstininsky

Wooden cottages.
Disco, skis and sports goods for rent.
Playgrounds. Table tennis.
Library. Bar. Billiards.
Sauna with a swimming pool.

Village of Kstinino, the Kirovo-Tchepetsk area, the Kirov region, 613012
Tel./fax +7.83361.7.41.29