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Hunting in Russia

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Hunting in Russia

Hunting in Russia


The Kirov region is one of world-famous Russian regions where hunting and hunting tourism develop intensely.

The factors promoting the development of hunting are as follows:

A large quantity of animals licensed for hunting;
A vast area of hunting grounds (with the total area of the region of 120.3 thousand square meters, the hunting grounds occupy the area of 117.8 thousand square meters, of which two thirds are covered with forests together with water areas);
Proximity to large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, and others);
ВAn excellent qualification of hunt-related personnel:
Hunt experts are trained at the biological department of Vyatka State Agricultural Academy
B.M. Zhitkov Russian National Research Institute of Hunting and Animal Breeding works in Kirov.

The combination of the above factors makes the region one of the most attractive places for Russian and foreign hunters.

There are about 30 species of game animals in the region.

Hunting tours are arranged on the territory of 13 areas of the region according to seasons:

A spring hunting season (April and May):

hunting for male wood-grouse and black grouse at mating-places;
hunting for woodcocks at a mating season;
hunting for cock ducks and geese from a hiding place.

A summer and autumn hunting season (August and September)

hunting for the bear;
hunting for the elk;
hunting for the wild boar.

An autumn and winter hunting season (November and December; February – early March):

driving the elk and wild boar to bay;
driving the lynx to bay (by Eskimo dogs);
hunting for the wolf;
hunting for the bear in a den;
hunting for the bear at a halt;
driving the blue hare to bay.

The following services are offered to hunters:

meeting at a railway station and escorting to a hunting place;
transportation support during a hunting tour (cars UAZ, NIVA, motor boats, snowmobiles, etc);
services of qualified huntsmen, provision of hunting dogs;
primary processing of spoils of the chase and their preparation for transportation;
provision with required documents (licenses, permits, contracts, veterinary certificates, etc);
three meals daily;
residence at a hunting seat, in a village house or in a flat with all conveniences;
Russian bath.

Hunt Operators in the Kirov Region

B.M. Zhitkov Russian National Research Institute of Hunting and Animal Breeding

79, Engels Street, Kirov, 610000
Tel. +7.8332.62.77.05

The Kirov Regional Hunting and Fishing Society

9, Kopansky Pereulok, Kirov 610000
Tel. +7.8332.64.89.34

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Kirovokhota

16a, Popov Street, Kirov, 610000
Tel. +7.8332.63.76.00