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Belaya Kholunitsa

Cultural tourism in Russia > Kirov region > Belaya Kholunitsa

Belaya Kholunitsa

The town of Belaya Kholunitsa, the center of the Belaya Kholunitsa municipal area, is located 87 km from Kirov.

Founded in the 18th century, the town is inseparably associated with the historical development of the Russian metallurgy.

The town and municipal area have resources for promotion of hunting, fishing, recreational, sports, health-improving and rural tourism.

A sports and tourist center Great Field, the largest one in the region, has been operating in the town since 2005.

Sports and Tourist Center Great Field

Comfortable wooden cottages on the shore of the pond. Downhill ski center: 4 downhill ski tracks, tubing.
Platter pulls.

Aquatic sports center.

2a, Novaya Street, Velikoye Pole, Belaya Kholunitsa, the Kirov region 613204
Tel. +7.83364.4.12.65

The Anastasia Hotel

28g, Lenin Street, Belaya Kholunitsa, 613200
Director: Cherezov Oleg Evgenyevich Tel. +7.83364. 4.44.45

The Belaya Kholunitsa Historical Museum

4, Usatovoy Street, Belaya Kholunitsa, 613200
Tel. +7.83364.4.11.92