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Adijuh Palace
Karachay-Cherkessia > Adijuh Palace

Adijuh Palace

The Adijuh Palace hotel symbol is the ancient tower located on it's territory. According to the legend, beautiful, princess Adijuh lived in this tower. Her hands were so pure and tender that they were shining bright. Her husband used to foray a lot and always successfully. His name was Psabyda - which means b in. life. His success was also thanks to his wife, sun-like beauty Adijuh, Every night she lighted up his way with her hands. But Psabyda was too haughty and once he bragged he can do without his wife's help and forbid her to raise up her hands. One dark and stormy night he was on his way back home. Adijuh came towards him but remembering his ban, she hid her hands. The light faded away, the flimsy bridge swayed and Psabyda fell down to the abyss. When Adijuh came back to her senses, she tried to find her husband, crying bitterly and rending her hands till they bleed. Her blood covered the coastal cliffs turning them purple-red. Many years have passed. Sosruko-b arms asked Adijuh in marriage. But their hap¬piness did last long. On the way to Sosruko's home Adijuh fell down from the horse and died. Shocked by this accident Sosruko shed his grief into the song: My dear Adujih, where will 1 bury you? If-I bury you in the ground - beasts will pick your bones. If 1 bury you on the brandies of the highest tree-black crows will peck out you brown, eyes. Where will 1 bury you, my lovely Adijuh?

The Adijuh Palace Resort & Spa is located in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains at a height of 700 meters above the sea level at the foot of the mid-18th-century tower. It is one of the few preserved historic buildings in the North Caucasus. An old poetic legend of fair Princess Adiukh is connected with this ancient tower.

The Adijuh Palace Resort comprises a three-floored hotel, a cottage on the bank of the Maly Zelenchuk River, an indoor swimming pool, a football field, a tennis court, a comfortable car park, a restaurant with live music and show programs, a conference hall and a nursery.

The picturesque landscapes, the mountain river and the ancient tower create an atmosphere of grandeur and mystery. The splendour of the natural landscape is skillfully combined with modernity. You are sure to appreciate our wonderful rooms, excellent cuisine and the widest variety of entertainment.

Do you take care of your health? Are you open to new experiences and new friends? Then welcome to the Adijuh Palace Resort & Spa!


Those who aspire to the full isolation will attract the separate country house with five bedrooms on the bank of the river. With the same complex of services, with the billiard room, Russian bathhouse on fire wood, the swimming pool, the barbecue zone, the wine cellar with collection of vine.

There is a remarkable SPA-center for persons who want not only to take pleasure in the picturesque nature, but also to correct for the health. There are a pool with mineral water, Russian and Turkish baths, a massage cabinet, fitness club, after employment you can have a rest in a Jacuzzi SPA-center includes also a solarium, improving baths, a hydro massage, a hairdressing salon. The spark of the SPA-center is the relaxing bamboo room where you can try various fito-teas.

If you like it sweet, don't think twice about it! Treat yourself to a chocolate massage: At our spas and beauty centres, you could be smothered in a blend of pure cocoa and almond oil, applied using a Thai massage technique, deeply moisturising your skin and filling you with energy. Every bit as sweet is a Magic Honey Massage, which combines the properties of honey with the powers of acupressure to restore your body's natural balance. Whichever you choose, you are assured a sweet treat for all your senses.

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