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Zupa Dubrovacka

Croatia > Zupa Dubrovacka

Zupa Dubrovacka

Welcome to Zupa Dubrovacka, southern Dalmatia and the magical area of Croatia, the region that is only 7 km from the town of Dubrovnik and around 10 km from Cilipi airport - an ideal place for your vacation.

The tourist, vivacious rhythm unfolds by the sea where there is a string of tourist places through which you are led on a pleasant stroll surrounded by pines, cypresses and Mediterranean plants. You can find serenity in the docile idyll of the inland villages, their traditional rustic beauty, their history and the harmony of the old and the new.

We present to you our tourist locations Kupari - a village thats been named after the Kuparica, a tile - kupe producing factory, the oldest tourist location in Zupa dubrovacka. This is today a tourist destination with the numerous small beaches and a large car camping site.

Srebreno - the ancient Subbrenum", once a farming and fishing village which wealthy Dubrovnik aristocrats chose for their countryside, today it is everyone's favourite sandy beach. Accommodation can be found in car camping sites and comfortable private homes.

Mlini - the historic Molina, rich with water sources, where once used to lie olive and wheat mills, after which it was named. In Mlini there are two environmentally integrated hotels with numerous private villas and beautiful gardens, that provide a pleasant stay in the rooms and apartments. Nature lovers can find what they're looking for - right here in the car camping site.

Soline and Plat - are famous for their crystal blue sea, ancient churches and hospitable hosts. Once a crossroads of merchant routes for the Romans, the French... Today they are picturesque towns with pretty private homes, a hotel and apartment complex with two comfortable car camping sites.

The pediment of the altar with braid ornaments, 10th/11th century, Tourism started to develop in Zupa after the World War I. As early as 1920 the "Grand" Hotel was built in Kupari, followed by the hotels in Srebreno and Mlini. Beaches and promenades were being tidied up, as well as parks and facilities by the sea, especially when in 1936 the then Society for the promotion of tourism was formed.

Today we offer accommodation in pleasant hotels, nicely furbished and comfortable rooms, private accommodation apartments and car camping sites.

As well as before, even today Zupa has a special charm that attracts visitors because it is in so many ways unique from ail the other places and climates. Indeed, one can rightly say: Anyone who comes once, will come back again and again.? Zupa includes in its tourist offer the greatest part of its natural wealth and cultural heritage, providing an active and pleasant vacation. All of this is offered to those who seek sea scapes and unforgettable experiences because in this magical corner you will be welcomed with - bays protected from wind and waves, clear seas, strands and sandy beaches for both big and small, plenty of sea, sun, swimming pools, beautiful vistas, human gentleness and warmth.

Picturesque bays and coves, shallows, sunny cliffs and harbors - ideal for a family vacation and a pleasant relaxation. Here anyone will find their pleasure, their privacy and their very own unforgettable scent and colour of the sea.

You choose what's best because there is so much offered!

You can enjoy listening to Klapa songs or enjoy dalmatian or folklore nights; you can participate irrthe carnival, the opulence of-masks, laughter and jokes. Enjoy fresh fish, zelenal \menestra', prosciutto and cheese, fruits and vegetables, honey, brandy and wine, dried figs and alm'ondis. Local specialties ancf a Mediterranean diet are a part of our daily lifestyle. Do not miss out on these provided pleasures, come and enjoy with us!

In this tantalizing part of the Adriatic sea, it is difficult not to succumb to the call of the sea and the sun. Secluded coves are dotted along the coastline here, beautiful beaches, an alwayschanging sea, centuries-old cypresses, fragrant Spanish brooms and irises, pearly islands in the I Zupa Bay, along with historic monuments, the Mediterranean climate; an abundance of possibilities for a pleasant, beautiful and interesting stay. Therefore, definitely enjoy yourselves on land, in the sea and offshore, playing tennis and bowling, surfing, water skiing, sailing, swimming, fishing, cycling, enjoying romantic strolls, our healthy food and local sweets, selected wines and brandies, relaxation in nature, excursions J? Zupa has all the features of a mild Mediterranean climate, long warm summers, short mild winters and plenty of sun which shines more than 260 days in the year. This area is recognized by its clean and clear sea. Zupa is scented with Spanish broom, iris, bay leaf and rosemary; she glows from medicinal wormwood, chamomile, mint, basil, sage and mortar, purple bougainvillea clusters; and sweetens us with rose hips and ardent citruses, lemons and oranges, figs and blackberries....? Zupa is surrounded by the beauty of the sea and of the land. The eternal Dubrovnik, surrounded by its thick walls, towers and fortresses, is a magnificent city of the harmony and grace. So much significance in one place - churches and palaces, fountains and monasteries, the famous Stradun, Knezev dvor (Palace of the Duke), Sponza palace; in fact, the whole city is a monument protected by the heavenly patron St. Blaise. Lokrum, a small island next to Dubrovnik, is a confluence of the lush greenery, the scent of the sea and infinite sunshine in which many crowned heads had enjoyed. Arboretum in Trsteno, a luxurious Renaissance park with mansion.

The playful Elafiti islands - Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep, is each a world of its own.

The mythical green island of Mljet, with its national parks and two lakes, and situated in the middle of the Veliko Jezero, with its Benedictine monastery and church of St. Mary from the 12th century. The? The colourful traditional costume that was once used to be worn daily, is today worn only on rare occasions and especially for church holidays, the most significant of them being Festus, St. Blaise. Men's silk robes and precious jewelry is taken out baroque earrings with pearls, Biedermeier lattice-oval brooches and earrings with black cameo. Exceptional is a luxurious necklace kolarin with six or twelve filigree beads and a gold cross. The jewelry reveals the top skills and talents of local goldsmiths who had made them for centuries. And even though the influence of other cultures can be felt, a unique jewelry has been created according to personal taste and tradition.

The folk cultural heritage reveals a rich inheritance that is kept from oblivion. Alongside the traditional costume, jewelry and customs, an ancient folk instrument has also been preserved, the lijerica, and the wheel Poskocica.

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