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Croatia > Zagreb


The City of Zagreb, the Croatian capital, has always attracted tourists attention. Recently, this interest has been growing faster than ever before. Today, on the eve of Croatias accession to the European Union, this cosmopolitan city is an attractive destination for all visitors. At the same time, the number of business partners who include it on their agenda is also on the rise.

Obviously, the popularity of Zagreb lies in the constant efforts of the hosts to provide their future guests with the richest possible offerings. In every part of the year there are many events that will make your stay in Zagreb pleasant and even more attractive. When these events are combined with the places of historical interest, museums and cultural events, the rich gastronomic offer and shopping opportunities, it is absolutely certain that this city will always be interesting, new and exciting.

Zagreb has a large number of hotels, some of them members of international hotel chains and the others part of the local hospitality tradition, but even the latter ones meet the highest international hotel standards.

The professionalism of the staff in the hotels and tourist agencies, the different city tours and excursions into the surroundings of Zagreb, the treasures that Zagreb has to offer and its atmosphere are all an excellent starting point for cooperation with existing and future business partners. When this is teamed up with the proverbial hospitality of Zagrebs citizens, which has been confirmed over and over again in practice, it is absolutely clear that Zagrebs door is wide open to all visitors and to you, our business partners.

The Zagreb Tourist Board will continue to be your reliable partner in designing and creating the tourist offer of the Croatian metropolis.

Zagreb is a city with a million hearts, a city with warmhearted and spontaneous people who express their welcome clearly and loudly and who are more than willing to show their guests both their city and their great hearts, which is also the symbol of Zagreb.

Zagreb Card

For ten years now, the Zagreb Card has been offered to the guests of Zagreb. By purchasing a card, you are availing yourselves to numerous benefits and savings between 10 and 50 per cent on payments for various services. Besides free public transportation, discounts are valid in nearly all the citys museums, theatres, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, shops and for different services. The list of participating companies includes sports and medical services, different service providers and car rental. The card also entitles its holder to discounts on payments for various events that take place

in the city, and it can also be used in the city's surroundings. With the card, the holders get a booklet featuring the addresses of all the participating businesses, their telephone and information centers, hotels and travel agencies. It is non-transferable. The card is valid for 72 hours from the date and time indicated on the card and the price is only 90 Kn. Besides the three-day card, there is also a day card (valid for 24 hours) which can be purchased for 60 Kn.

Walking tourist informants

While roaming the squares and streets of Zagreb these days you are more than likely to come across tourist informants who are helping tourists get their bearings and offering them interesting information about Zagreb. They help them find hotels, hostels or private accommodation, choose a classical music concert or the best techno party in the city... They can be recognized by their special blue uniforms with a capital letter I featured on them. In addition to English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, they can also speak Portuguese, Dutch and even Flebrew. They walk around the city in pairs, along four selected routes in the broader city center and they have appropriate promotional materials on them. Many tourists have benefited, not only from their foreign language skills, but also from their knowledge of Zagrebs culture and its way of life which have developed over the centuries-long citys existence.

Tourist Information Center

In the heart of the city, located at number 11 of Zagrebs central Ban Josip Jelacic Square, tourists can get additional information about the citys different landmarks, its idiosyncrasies, accommodation and other services provided to tourists. In addition to receiving information from the staff, tourists can also get free promotional material, including three brochures on Zagreb and its surroundings, a city plan indicating cultural institutions, museums, tram lines, etc. The working hours of the center are from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturdays and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays. During major sports or similar events, as well as during the summer months, the Tourist Information Center (TIC) is open until 9:00 pm.

Zagreb Time Machine

From mid-April to late autumn, a series of events are organized in Zagreb under the name of Zagreb Time Machine. The events are all based on the rich cultural traditions of Zagreb and its surroundings. Every Saturday morning, the squares and streets of the old part of the city come alive with the sound of music when folk groups in their original costumes descend upon the city, singing, dancing, displaying customs and giving away apples, the symbol of health. Different programs take place at locations across the old town, where every house has its own story that spans a thousand years of Zagrebs past. The oldest and the most beautiful city park, Zrinjevac, is the venue of promenade concerts which take their audiences to th< past with songs, dancing, historic costumes and the revival of old customs and habits.

The more romantic people should visit Zagrebs Upper Towr where the Potepuhi band awaits them with their repertoire of Zagreb chansons.

Welcome to the city with a million hearts!