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Madonie area

Madonie area

It must not appear excessive if some define the Madonie area - the high mountain places of Pliny - a real botanical garden at the centre of the Mediterranean or, again, a junction of three continents. Here, indeed, over millions of years, a series of circumstances favoured the presence of hundreds of species exclusive to these mountains and the survival of others from geographical regions with very different climates: from the cold-continental one, from which the beech tree originates, to the warm and arid sub-tropical one. These are species - it must be remembered - that remarkably cohabit with one another and with those proper to the Mediterranean environment. And, it must further be added, this great variety of vegetation is also expressed in terms of quantity:

Madonie area there grow over «WL half the species of -III the Sicilian flora, that is to say no fewer than two thousand six hundred plants. If to this we add that the mountain complex of the Madonie - so varied for geological age, structure, height, orography, climate, hydrography and exposure - affords a remarkable variety of landscapes -going from the snows of Car bona r a, the second highest peak in Sicily, to the splendid coasts of Cefalu - one can understand why these environments are, rightly, considered something unique of exceptional value. So the visitor must

This is an unusual and rare landscape for Sicily that gives rise to richness that some do not suspect: there will suffice, then, the passing before the eyes of the visitor of superb successions of peaks now green now whitish; the encounter with mainland plants like the beech tree, alongside Mediterranean species; the royal whirling of an eagle will suffice, or the feline flash of a wild cat, the chromatic virtuosities of a butterfly, to make this extraordinary richness absolutely tangible and unforgettable.

Children under the age of 15 submit their authorised guardian's consent in the presence of the guardian. Training for children usually takes place in the form of youth clubs at the local organisations, where they are trained by managers.

After completing these steps the applicant can buy an angling permit from their local organisation for fishing in non-salmonid or salmonid fishing regions. The CAU issues several types of angling permits with various conditions of validity. The national and unit permits are the broadest in scope, followed by the regional permits of individual districts of the CAU and local permits for specific angling regions.

Angling permits can be purchased at individual local organisations and at specialised angling shops and other outlets. You must show your fishing licence when purchasing a permit.

All local organisations, offices of the regional unions and the office of the council of the CAU will be happy to provide you with further information. Then you simply need to visit a shop specialising in angling requirements, where they will be very happy to advise you on choosing your fishing tackle, selecting a fishing regiob and casting your line.

The regional Anglers Union is an association of local organisations which looks after fishing regions, pike fishing, union and sports activities, and work with young people. It also sells angling permits.

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